Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why foreplay is unimportant (seriously)

You know you're dealing with a sex amateur when she says (publicly or privately) "Men, we need foreplay!" This is 100% completely untrue.  No woman needs foreplay for sex.  I believe in foreplay because it's a fun part of sex, but in reality, foreplay can actually happen well outside the bedroom or even the home.  Foreplay can start at dinner, or over drinks.  It can happen when you're both browsing different aisles at the bookstore, sending casual glances at each other.

The way you treat a woman in your regular life, even a woman who may just be a fuck buddy and not a significant other, has a huge effect on her sex drive when you're alone.  Men who have a certain level of confidence about themselves also find themselves considered the masters of the bedroom, and you'd be surprised how many times a woman will jump on you the moment both your sets of underwear hit the floor (or the lampshade or clock radio).

There's a secret word few women talk about, but it's the most important word to know if you want to gauge a woman's sex-drive (towards you, or men in general) and desire for you: throbbing.  No joke, guys.  We have boners, they have throbs.

Women are all aware of the throb, and it can drive them up a wall if they don't have a lover handy.  When they're ready for sex, the throb is a primary indicator.  We both have blood rush to our genitals when we're horny; men just have a more obvious indicator of the situation.  When she's there, a few teasing kisses, a couple of resisting eye glances, and she's going to attack you with no foreplay.  A little tease and sexiness in the sack when a woman is in 100% full throb mode will get her wet and ready (unless she's the kind who needs lube always, but I've yet to meet one of those) in mere seconds.

So how do you get there?  Start being sexy always.  Here's the difficult part: you're going to have to become a sexy man in steps, and it's a long, hard path.  I always recommend two ways to start: floss twice a day, and trim your fingernails as often as you can.  Clean under them, too, and wash your hands regularly.  Guys with bad hands and fingernails will hurt a woman once too often, and the throbs may end forever.  It's not a good place to be.

Foreplay is a great way to get a woman to the point of throbbing.  If she's not there when we hit the sack (but she wants sex or at least wants to please me), I use foreplay until she does get there.  With some women, it's a difficult process.  A lot of kissing and touching of non-sex areas, taking breaks from that, returning to it, and keeping it up until she's there.  I won't even go down on a girl (or touch her nipples or clit or pussy at all) unless she is there.  Touching any sex-related body part too early is a guaranteed way to STOP any throbbing that may be coming on.

So be sexy, guys, and work what you have in your favor.

More steps on how to be sexy, every day, are coming.  


"Celine" said...

You know the throb well, I can vouch for that. I wish I could share this article with some of my guy friends, but it's all too close for comfort!!!

If it matters, I haven't really had that throb since, oh 5 MONTHS ago. Hee hee.

katiri said...

thanks for coming by my blog. nicely, yet undelicately put, darling. you are right about no touching the sexyparts til she's just about there. too soon and it feels like a biology lesson! too late and, well, begging is fun now and again.