Friday, May 8, 2009

Where are the men?

I'm at a loss for why I have only lovely females replying to my posts, following me on twitter (and vice versa), sending me emails of hate and love, war and my piece.

I started this particular blog out of a desire to conenct with guys online. Don't get me wrong, when it comes to being an eligible bachelor, I think I'd be crazy to not desire the female perspective. Yet life brings what it does for whatever reason it does. I can't fight it, but I still question it.

So where are the men? I just checked the blogs I follow: 42 total. 22 are male-written blogs, 20 are female. The most recent 26 posts are all on female blogs, reducing my chance to interact with guys.

Most guys don't like me because I tell it like I see it, holding nothing back. This isn't a sex blog, it's my diary so I can remember things as they happened.

So, ladies, which guy-written blogs do you follow? Do they write well, consistently and in a timely fashion? Post links, share so that I can find someone interesting who is also male.

I'm not lonely for male attention, I'd just like some guy input to what I write, as well as share my own input in return.


The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know said...

Matt at A View From 5280Ft

Ben at No Ordinary Rollercoaster

and Therapeutic Ramblings

Ms. Mandy said...

Now THAT is the same question I ask myself every day.

I think it's normal though. (Having more followers of the opposite sex) I have many female friends, more than male, but as far as what attracts me when I am looking online, I usually read more male blogs. I don't want to read things I already know and write about myself. It not a disrespect thing or not wanting to bond with females, it's out of disinterest

ChicagoSane said...

Thanks, Smart Girl. I'll check them out.

Ms. Mandy, I didn't consider that. I read blogs regardless of the person's sex, as long as they're topically interesting. Maybe guys aren't so interested in reading other guys. Odd.

My Other Blog said...

There's no other man for me, CS, you're the only man I follow. Or, at least you will be, as soon as I delete my link to this one English lawyer I was reading - until he stopped writing. But, I'm going to be true to you.
Until someone rides up on a white horse and takes me away from all of this.

Andy said...

They're just jealous!

And PS. Both Matt and Ben are amazing, up there.

I'd also suggest Christ at