Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seems like everyone is dating older

On three blogs I follow, the gals (19, 23, 25) are all dating older guys: in their 30s! They're embarassed to tell their friends, but they're honestly HAPPY. Why is this?

Today, I was looking at buying a bicycle. Plan on spending up to $2000 for something extremely light, strong, and well built. Didn't find one. On my way out, I walked up to the 25 year old who works there (we made eye contact and smiles a few times) and asked for her number to take her out.

She says "I don't date older guys." I asked her if she'd date Johnny Depp. "That's different." I told her that she isn't (different) and good luck. Her 4 guy coworkers all overheard this and laughed (at her). On my way out, one guy told me that she complains all day long about her dating life (mostly young 20s), her sex life, and how irresponsible and lazy the guys are. She complains that all they want is sex, and they can't even afford to take her out. No kidding?

There are more women than men in Chicago. It's good for men, bad for women. So many guys are unemployed and in tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt that they're seriously undateable, except for sex. It's good for me. So when an attractive (but not too attractive) 20-something shuts me down for my age (note, I had a 26 year old this weekend guess my age at 28), she's shutting down a possibly good thing. When my galpals complain about boring guys, I ask if an older guy every asked them out. "Sure." And? "I said no. It's gross." Well, if having a financially stable, sexy, well mannered, graceful and knowledgeable man is gross, so be it. It's a woman in a hard dating market cutting her choices. Good for the men that missed a ticking bomb.

I've dated every age group imaginable. I like women in their 20s (even when I was in my teens I dated them) because they have energy, goals, excitement and a desire to do more. Women in their teens and early 20s (18-22) are hard to date because life is too new. Women in their late 20s and early 30s (28-35) tend to be hard to date because they want to settle down or fix something. So 23-27 seems to be perfect for me.

My last 10 shut-downs were either "You're too old" or "I prefer someone taller/more attractive/etc." Their loss. Considering their glitches, it's also my gain. I don't get hurt when a woman shoots me down, and eventually I laugh about it (sometimes within a minute of turning and walking). Those who accept end up loving every date we have, even if it's only a few dates and there's no passion or chemistry.

So, women if your 20s and even 30s, date older. Try it out. You may be surprised.


Be one with the Fro said...

I believe this...I'm 23 and I've dated pretty much ever age range. And honestly, none of the guys have changed yet. Same mentality, same maturity level, same complex, etc etc. I've been noticing that I need to change up how I meet guys and the approach I take. I think thats my problem.

Anyway...what was the point I'm trying to make hahaha oh yea...I think girls are big teasers and don't know what they really want. They say one thing, but mean another. She may have said that she doesn't date older guys...but she was really playing hard to get. She wanted to see if you would attempt her some more.

Mia Barista said...

The real tragedy is, you left without a bike.

dizzy observer said...

I date older men because they have a sense of stability. They aren't having a quarter life crises about where their life is going like 20-something guys. I'm pretty sure older guys date me because my biological clock isn't ticking. I'm in absolutely no hurry to settle down and get married. Oh and because I'm really hot. Kidding. Sort of.

ChicagoSane said...

Fro: You're so right, but I don't play that. I'll write about why tomorrow.

Mia: I tried but they all sucked.

Dizzy: So true. If you're hot, put me on the short list ;) Kidding!

Andy said...

I guess women in my family totally follow these advices. Personally, I KNOW I'm not interested in anyone who's not at least 2 or 3 years older than me.

Dani said...

I like dating older men. I don't understand why women would turn someone down due to age. I dated a man who was 45 and he was so much fun, had just as much stamina as a 20 something. His social life was actually better then mine. Girls can be so silly and catty for the stupidest reasons.