Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A return home, for a short while

My arrival back in my hometown of Chicago coincided with the holidays. Packed airports, packed airplanes, packed taxi cab lines, packed grocery stores.

Thanks to the decision to throw a small portion of my annual income at hiring a houseboy, I was able to avoid 2 of these 4 areas of mass infestation: the airplanes were calmer in first class, and the airports even more calmer in the private clubs that seem to be getting fewer and fewer members as the supposed recession carries on. That, my friends, is a good thing.

Chicago in the winter is lovely to look at, but terrible to witness. My gentleman's gentleman pulled up mere seconds after I texted him that I was waiting by the terminal exit, and I hopped into his/my car for the journey back to my headquarters/home. Joseph was a random find, appearing outside my door, drunk, at 2am on warm summer weeknight. His callous attitude and unfriendly nature made me like him immediately. 2 days later, he was hired to assist me in the areas that most women fail: cooking, cleaning, pressing my shirts and organizing my schedule.

With only a week left in 2011, I've come to realize that 2011 was neither a bad year nor a great year. I had plenty of travel, a few lovely ladies to keep me company, and generated enough income to really blow the doors open on the adventure I called life in 2012.

Let's see if I can stick to keeping the details together long enough to toss some words onto your screen on a more regular basis.

Thanks to those who continue to email me or Facebook PM me, requesting an update on the life of Sane. Let's try again in 2012 -- I've missed you all. Speaking of Facebook, kindly add me as a friend if you so desire: Brian Chi Sane.

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