Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Year, a New Sane?

2011. It's been 1 year and 4 months since I posted something of value to this site. Who knows why I stopped. Maybe I found something I thought I wanted, but in the end it wasn't what I needed. That's a lesson in life: you have what you want, but is it what you need?

Whatever happened, I've been bored not airing my grievances and pleasures to the masses. It was a good run for awhile there. The last I spoke of was a partial, incomplete story about the lovely Sandra, my latin lover for a moment in time. She still crosses both my mind and my fantasies often, and we still communicate via email now and then. With the women I've been with since her, none have compared to her beauty and sexuality and raw courage. I'm proud of what she's doing, although I do find some frustration that our time together was so short. So it is, my friends: life passes us by if we don't make the most of it.

The rest of my time away was locked in a bad relationship with a good person. This new gal, Kira, wasn't what I wanted. I pushed her off of me when we first met, but then I tumbled into a relationship that did neither of us any good. The breakup was rough. She's doing fine, I'm doing great, but we don't talk. There are some amazing stories there, and some sad ones. In due time, I'll tell them all.

Since my breakup with Kira just under a year ago, I've dated some fine women: Christen, Rebecca, Helen, and some others. Nothing too serious until Christen, who I am seeing still to this day. She's amazing. She's pretty and driven, she loves sex and loves to be with me. She also loves that her man is with other women, and she openly encourages it and defends it when people take issue with it.

Is she a girlfriend? Not quite. A long term lover, for sure. But she also knows that with my busy life, the travel, the events, the galas, the excitement -- I need more than one gal in one city. It's good to have women like that.

Busy has been good. I've excelled, grown, profited, and made a bigger name for myself, both in the States and around the world. 2011 will be more of the same, but you can bet it will also be more of the Sane.

Stay tuned for details.

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