Friday, September 14, 2012

A new home, a fresh look

I finally finished a move I had been planning for over 2 years.  My old residence was in a neighborhood that was gentrifying too much for my taste.  The last straw was when a married couple with a baby and 2 dogs moved into the condo above mine.  C'est la vie, I'm outta there.

The new neighborhood I'm living in has a lot of perfection to it for me: it's still "off the radar".  I own a warehouse space in the neighborhood and one of my front companies operates out of there, so making a new home wasn't too difficult: put up a gigantic wall, create a home in the back 40%.  It really is perfect: no one knows its a home, and I can slip in and out through the alley discretely.  Plus, I don't plan on having friends visit regularly, so I have my own little island right on the raging sea that I call Chicago.

I have my bedroom built, a guest room, a private bathroom, a nice little kitchen and eating area, and a living room.  It isn't too bad, and the privacy is amazing.  There's an attached apartment building upstairs from my warehouse, so if I want to meet the neighbors, I have that option.  A private rooftop deck adds to my options as well, although it's more "roof" than "deck" at the moment, but changes are coming as I desire them.

With fall ahead, my life is quickly coming to a pace that suits me, as well: the summer was comfortable and relaxing, with most of my time spent at the beach, other than the odd and over-reliable client meeting.  With Europe and South American on my radar for fall and winter, I am certain of good things ahead.

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