Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thank you, dear readers, for your support

I was a little bit surprised by the influx of emails and the random anonymous people hitting me up on my chat window (see the right sidebar). Even though I have a few part time projects I work on, writing has always been my passion. I've been writing online for over 20 years, if you can believe it.

This blog was meant as a history of my life. I started it back in late 2008 but put it to bed when I thought it wasn't useful for me. How wrong I was. Since I restarted it in early Spring of 2009, I've kept a good amount of small notes that I will have forever to read and review and think over. But moreso than the words I write, the words you write are so much more important.

There are many of you who come every day, read, and leave. I don't know who you are, where you're coming from, or what it is about this site that attracts you. I enabled completely anonymous comments for every article, so you can feel free to air your thoughts of grievances without anyone know who you are. Just select "Anonymous" when leaving a comment.

I started tracking some basic traffic around April 22nd, less than one month ago. Here's a chart of visits and views over that time:

As you can see, what started as a handful of traffic (mostly me, probably) is now growing at a nice pace. We're seeing days when 100 different people come by, looking at 3-4 pages on average. I'm glad I can give you some insight into my life; I'd love to hear about how my articles affect you. Anger? Intrigue? Spite? Horniness? Hope?

You are visiting me from everywhere, and I love seeing those cities and countries flash across my screen: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Central America, and locals here in the States from Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma, Washington State and DC, Florida, Texas, California and so many more. I don't know who you are, but I do want to thank you. Whether you come once and leave so you can berate me on your blog, or you stick around (and berate me here), I appreciate the time you spent visiting when there are so many more blogs out there with better writing, better topics and better value.

I'd love to interact more with the bloggers out there. If you wrote an article you think would pertain to something I speak about, drop me an email (see the sidebar) and I'll give you a link and the little opinion of yours truly.

I hope you stick around, and I hope you take a few minutes more to leave a comment. I write for me, but I also think about you.


Andy said...

Sheesh. Now you must think I'm a true stalker.

And well, you're a great writer, it's no surprise you get so many visits. Duh.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is quite enjoyable. I am having a stressful period in my life at the moment and dropping into your life is a nice break. I admit you seem sort of too good to be true sometimes, but I choose to believe you are real. Thanks for your part in keeping me sane.

MindfulMama said...

I think you might be too good to be true. I want to hear about some of your flaws ;-)

But you are like my new sexual muse, and my husband is enjoying the benefits. I will continue to stalk your blog for as long as you continue to write it.

J said...

I agree, I want to hear the flaws. Although I can deduce that you need to be in control at all times - not surprising after what you have alluded to with your memory...

(coming out of lurking)

ChicagoSane said...

Andy: No such thing as a stalker :)

Anonymous: It's all real, but of course there are dark days and dark months.

MindfulMama: I've heard that before from women I've dated. I may consider posting some of their emails about my flaws (with their permission).

J: Thanks for de-lurking! I will definitely post about my issues on a regular basis.

All: Thanks for the input, it helps SO much!