Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weekend away from Sane's, Part II

This is Part II. You can read Part I here.

Woke up too early, considering I went to sleep at 3am. It was 7am, and I am starving. Checked to make sure the cabbie who drove my car home did, in fact, drive it home. Looked fine.

A few of my neighbors were hanging on the lawn, so I asked them if they wanted some breakfast. I love to cook for others. 10 of them agreed, so I hopped over to the local convenient store, picked up 2 dozen eggs, some odd cheddar, some fresh-ish veggies, and returned. Cranked up my grill and spent the morning making awesome omelettes, sausages, etc. Everyone was happy.

11am and my grill is clean. I shower fast and hit the road, looking for a bike to buy. I'm picky. It has to feel right, be very light, easily broken down, and made with fit-and-finish quality in mind. Price is not a problem, quality is.

Bike shop in the city was horrible. Bad service, ugly bikes, shitty quality. No, thanks. While walking through Boy's Town, I picked up a sashimi platter for $50. Decided to stop by the House of Two Gays to see if they were up yet. Hung out with one of them for an hour (ate the sashimi). The other guy didn't make it back. Miguel was mad because he came home with the guy from the bar, who ended up not being gay. I think the guy was closeted and freaked at their ultrapink love lounge living room. I told Miguel how long it had been for me, and he flipped. 3 basically one night stands in 7 months is more individuals than I'd prefer, but a lot less sex than I'd like.

Miguel always hooks me up with great women. Pretty, fun, solid lives. The downside is that either they don't find me attractive, or vice versa. That's dating. I need to do more of it. He runs down a list of the gals I hang out with, and I explain why I'm not dating any of them. He agrees that I need to cull them down to about half. It can get frustrating going out with gorgeous women and then shovel them off with the douchebag of the weekend at the bar. I agree with him, but for every time I've wingmanned for someone, they've wingmanned for me nearly equally. He gets it, but we promise a future man-date to decide who to dump and who to keep.

I leave his place and walk the area, unsure of where I parked. Chatting with friends on my phone (google chat), checking out the shops and stores and beautiful men and women walking past me. It's a perfect walk day. I circle another street corner and decide to walk to the beach when I see my car parked there. Oops. Guess I was wrong about where I originally parked.

Instead of doing the beach, I hop in my car and decide for a mini-roadtrip. I grabbed some MP3's from Miguel's system for my iPod, so fresh tunes is a great predecessor to a road trip. Texted 2 gal pals who have wanted to go roadtripping, but both were out of town. Solo it is.

Did some quick shopping at a produce store to make a salad for my mom for Sunday. Rose petals, carambolas (starfruit), spices, cucumber, etc. Rose Petal and Starfruit salad is my specialty. Stick it in my Whole Foods cold bag and drive to the highway.

Zip up to the burbs to check out a bike shop. Friendly staff. ALMOST found a bike, but it was too small for me. While shopping, I kept making eye contact with a cute olive-skinned gal also shopping. We ran into each other in an accessory section, so I asked what she rode. We chatted for 3 minutes and I asked for her number. She smiled, looked at my face for about 20 seconds, and whipped out a pen and a piece of paper. I'll call her next week. She's pretty and has a nice butt, so who knows? At least it's a date. I have about a 50/50 ratio of gals accepting a date after my first call, so it's a step in the right direction.

Got back to the city in 35 minutes. Fab non-existent traffic. Drove around looking for something to eat, and picked Sultan's Market in Wicker Park. Yum. Dined in, and immediately lost my spring horniness when I saw the fat, gross and ugly hipster girls en masse.

Drove to Portage Park after to meet 2 friends for dive bar night. This dive bar in the city had a 10:1 girl to guy ratio, and yet not one gal gave me "the look." Waste. Had a drink, and we all hit the road for the Burlington.

Started to watch my friends get drunk. I had a fine night previously, so I decided to take it slow. Diet Coke for Sane. We chatted with a few hipster girls who obviously had bad taste in bad music and bad dress. Great DJ though, played 4 of my requests back to back ($20 tip helps).

Zipped to another dive bar with my pals. Wanted to play pool, so 3 girls invited me to join them. I made small talk with all 3, but none were that interesting, and none were interested in me. We hit the road again and ended up at Crobar at 1am.

It was PACKED. People waiting in line. I haven't been here in years, but I rolled up, said the secret word, and all 3 of us were in. VIP room, first two rounds of drinks on the house. I still only had one. We ordered a bottle and chilled while my two friends picked up on obvious whores. I saw no one worth my time, so I danced a bit but got bored. No liquor in my blood, ugh.

We all hung out with some TV idiots, who knows what show or who they were. Got a bunch of business cards after I mentioned I did VO work, but I don't like big media types. It's too fast of a life: over before you know it. I like it slow, steady, passionate and with some stamina. Hollywood offers nothing for me.

Jumped from Crobar to get some Mexican, and then ended up at Continental. I hate Continental, but I wanted one last drink and my friends wanted to get laid. While hanging with them, an ex-girlfriend of mine who still has a crush on me squeals and runs to talk to me. I make eye contact with a GORGEOUS latin girl: tall, short brown hair, beautiful eyes. I smile and she smiles back. The ex notices, so she starts hugging on me and bugging me. Every time I look at the latin girl, she's looking at my eyes. Great smile, great eyes. Can't burn the ex who is drunk and falling over. I decide to go and talk to the girl but she's sitting with 2 guys, and I can't figure out if she's with one of them or not. Fail. Prettiest girl I've seen in probably 6 months. Damn it.

I turn and both my friends are talking to girls. They'll get laid. I'll get home. One last shot for the road and off I go, sober as can be. The shot will hit me in an hour, but my home is only 15 minutes away.

Overall the weekend was FUN. I danced, I hung out with good friends, I saw on cute girl (got her number) and one GORGEOUS woman (didn't). Worked out a plan to "dump" some of my single cute gal pals who are doing nothing for my life in any way, shape or form. Made plans to hit boystown with the Two Gays more often, they're always a trip. Did some writing, made a salad for my mom, grocery shopped, bike shopped, road tripped, danced, drank, ate with my neighbors. It's pretty fun, but not terribly exciting.

Off to the next week in this chapter of my life.


Andy said...

Yumm... I need the recipe for that salad. I LOVE carambolas.

Melissa said...

If price is not an issue, check out Amazing bikes, custom made to you. And $$$$, of course.

ChicagoSane said...

Andy, I will post it tomorrow!

Melissa, I really like to try it before I buy it. I'm trying 2 shops Tuesday in the city. Used isn't a problem, either. Thanks, though!

Celine de Chicago said...

How many of your 3 one-night-stands in the past 7 months were that way because of your choosing?

Lana G. said...

got your business card at crowbar satruday night. your blog is fucking hilarious! who the hell are you and why didnt we talk more on saturday? btw your friends are d-bags. i emailed you.

ChicagoSane said...

Lana, I got your email and responded. Why didn't I talk more? It was ridiculously loud, and I had a full drink. Plus my friends are douchebags, and I had to make sure I aimed them in the direction of someone who actually looks cute sober, and not make-up trashed trixie or slumdog. And then we went to the Conti, where everyone falls well under the definition of slumdog.

Thanks for visiting.

ChuckorNate said...

Chicago Sane... the Arthur Kade of Chicago.