Thursday, May 28, 2009

Room Mates

I'd known Carla for years. Her and I dated for maybe 6 weeks. It was a beautiful short term relationship. Both of us had gotten out of longer relationships, with us being the breaker-uppers. We met at a wine tasting, with her admiring my happy attitude and talkative rapport with other guests. She approached me.

We chatted, sipping wine, laughing about some of the horrible plonk the store was trying to pawn off on those who don't know better. We chatted about cheese, about favorite secret wine bars, about cigars. She was younger than I would have guessed (25, I guessed 27), but right in line with my age range. I was 23 myself.

She wrote down her number on the back of a business card. "Don't call the number on the face, I let that one go to voice mail." Home number? "Yeah. Call me when you want to get together again." I would.

I was doing a lot of travel, so I honestly didn't get around to calling her the next week but the week after. She answered when I called at 7pm on a Thursday night. We chatted for about 10 minutes, and I pitched her the idea to get together the following week. She was busy both nights (Monday and Tuesday) but said she'd make any other day free, offering Wednesday. "I'll buy." I agreed, and appreciated that she'd cover the date because she counteroffered.

The date went well, and we slept together on the third date. It was a little bit out of the blue: she was interested in me, certainly, but I felt that her attraction towards me fell short. After our short term love affair came to a close (mutual), she did admit to me that I was not really her body type, but that she loved my energy and mood. We agreed to be friends, and we were.

For years Carla and I would run into each other in very odd ways: I met her at a wine tasting in Kentucky (don't knock it, some Kentucky wines are really good). I ran into her crossing planes in Denver (she was getting off the plane I was going to board). I ran into her in Chicago on occasion, once doubling up our mutual dates into a 4some that was hilarious and a little bit scary (I think my date liked her date, oops).

We'd hang out at her place, popping open old bottles of wine I discovered on my regular treks to France. Sometimes they were amazing, other times they were vinegar, or worse.

In 2001, she called me up and said her roommate needed an uplifting experience. Her boyfriend of 6 years was cheating on her, and she needed to just drink and drown her sorrows. Who better to take a sad gal out than Sane, she thought. I agreed, and we made plans for the next night.

That night was a raging experience of ridiculousness. I hired a limo since the 3 of us were going to get plastered. I set us up with bottle service across the city, and we hit 3 clubs before 4am closed us off. The limo took us back to their place, with her roommate, drunk, falling asleep on the couch. She hit her bedroom, so I took the roommates bed myself. My head was spinning even when I woke up at 7am.

They were knocked out, so I took it on myself to help them out during this depressing time. I did their dishes, cleaned up the bathroom, and even ran 2 loads of laundry for them. Breakups can cause total shutdown of the person dumped or the person hurt. There's nothing wrong with pitching in for friends when they need you. I know some women are aghast at the idea of a man doing their laundry or cleaning their bathroom, but it was the least I could do.

Around 1pm, the roommates still blacked out, I returned to the roommates room to take a nap. I needed it, I was dead tired from working hard for the past 5 hours. Around 4pm, I woke up to the roommate, Ela, kissing my cheek. I slowly opened my eyes to figure out who it was, and found her in her bed with me.

"Good morning. Afternoon, I guess. I noticed you cleaned up around here." Yeah, I'm an early riser, regardless of what time I get to bed. "Thanks. You have no idea how much I needed that done, and not by me." Of course I know, I've been there. You're kissing me. "That's not the only thing I need."

I turned to her and pressed against her and enveloped her in my arms and my mouth. She moaned quickly, and often. "I need you today." I smiled and nodded. As our clothes slowly fell away and the sun was beating through the window around 5pm, her door opens. Carla notices what's going on and yelps a bit. "Whoa, you two, what the fuck?"

I turn to look at her closer and smile. She came to me, not the other way around. "It's cool. He's mine for today," Ela told her. Carla seemed a bit perplexed, but she closed the door behind her and ventured into the room. "How about we take care of that thing?" she told Ela.

Ela looked at me, Carla looked at me. What thing? "You know. Have your way with both of us." I smile and explained to them that the fantasy is usually better than the reality. Unless they had any digs for one another. "No, just you. Ela knows about our wild ride so long ago," Carla said, in a cute-but-sexy manner.

Ok, but understand I'm just one little boy. "I didn't think you lied," Carla chuckled. She was in bed with us, down to her panties and bra, snuggling in behind me as I returned to kissing her roommate.

I kissed Ela, but also kissed Carla. Ela grabbed Carla's hand when I removed her bra and nuzzled up against her breasts. Carla had the best nipples I had ever seen, and she definitely liked attention on them. I made sure to do it teasingly, but didn't avoid them as I usually do. Ela, who had much smaller boobs, didn't like them played with so much (maybe because she wasn't secure with their smaller size). I teased her too, and the two girls held hands while I wandered their arms, their bellies, their thighs and their calves. At one point, both completely naked, they hooked one leg each over at the knee, giving me a great view and a quick path to switching roommates.

I asked them why they didn't kiss. "Ummm," said Ela, "it's a bit weird." I looked up and saw that Carla was looking at Ela, with Ela looking at me. Don't you find her amazingly attractive? Ela turns to Carla, and Carla kisses her. That's better.

And what a kiss it was. The hands that were previously held starting pawing at the other's body. If it was a guy and a gal, I would yell at the guy for being such a tiger, but in this case there might have been months of pent up desire from one combined with intrigue from the other. I proceeded to go down on Ela, who was obviously more turned on that Carla. While they kissed and bit and pinched and pulled at each other, I brought Ela off in my mouth in very short order.

I got out of my boxers as I stood up to go wash up. The girls were entwined in each other, with Carla on top of Ela, kissing her deeply, both running theirs hands through each other's brown locks. It was quite a site.

I came back in and searched for condoms. "They're in the bottom drawer," said Ela. I found them and tore a package to get one on. Ela had her legs spread with Carla on top, both their mounds touching and rubbing. I spread Carla's legs as best as I could and pushed in. Carla's pussy is the perfect tightness for me, and she never was worn out even if I fucked her for hours. I forgot how much I loved it: not too wet initially, but it would get wetter and wetter as I pumped into her.

Carla came in less than 20 minutes and Ela held her as she did. That was sex worth waiting so many years for again. As Carla relaxed, I started to pull her slowly from Ela's mouth. They were kissing for over an hour. Carla's darker skin was beautiful on Ela's pale skin, but I wanted to see more. Carla grabbed at the sheets a bit, knowing what I was doing as her face passed Ela's neck, her tits, her belly. As her own pussy was sitting over the edge of the bed, her face was perfectly aligned with Ela's. She looked a bit nervous as she threw me a side-glance. Ela looked down and begged for her to do it.

She did.

I hadn't come yet, so I removed my condom and went to the top of the bed, sticking my hard cock in Ela's mouth. She wasn't that talented, but the sounds of her moans pushing through the sound of spit and precum was amazing. I grabbed the back of her head, turned sideways toward me, and slowly pushed my cock head deeper into her mouth and throat. She gagged once in awhile, but eventually loosened up and I was able to slowly slide into her almost fully. Her eyes would always open whenever I breached the back of her throat, but she didn't gag again. When I turned to see Carla lapping up at her, I had enough. I warned her that I was going to come, and pulled my cock out just in time for my first stream to spurt across the edge of her chin and onto her tits. The second stream was a lot stronger, landing closer to her belly and some into Carla's long hair. The third one landed on her tits, and the fourth in her open mouth.

As she accepted the rest of my load, she came. She had her hands in Carla's hair, running her fingers through the hair, my come load, and her scalp. She came hard, too, harder than when I went down on her. As she was coming down, Carla crept up to her, running her tongue up her body, picking up some of my come along the way. She looked up at Ela, and then looked at my face and smiled. Some of my come was on her chin, too. It was a lovely view.

I was still hard, holding back my orgasm so I wouldn't make too big of a mess. Some women are picky about come on their bodies, on their faces, in their throats, so I wanted to be a gentleman and reduce the mess. "You still taste amazing," said Carla. "Yeah, you do. I could go for more of that," said Ela. Carla rolled off of Ela, and the two of them noticed my cock was still hard.

"You fucked me, you gave her head, what's next?" asked Carla. I grabbed another condom from the night stand as I stuck my cock in Carla's mouth. She was amazing at head, one of the best. Surprisingly, Ela took it deeper and with fewer problems, but Carla just knew how to do it right. In a few minutes, I shoved her face from my crotch and put a condom on.

Carla rolled over Ela to her left, and I approached her from her right. I grabbed her legs and turned her 90 degrees. I pulled her waist to the edge of the bed and asked her to pull her pussy lips apart. She was still wet, and did what I told her.

I stuck my cock head right up to her pussy and waited. "Please." What? "Fuck me, please." I did. Slowly, but with deep force, I pushed inside. Ela was ridiculously tight, and I didn't want to tear her. After a few minutes, she was opening up to me, incredibly wet and gorgeous with my cum smeared on her body and chin. I was standing, and Carla knelt on top of her face, her pussy put right up to Ela's lips. Sadly, I was not able to kiss Carla as her roommate licked her clit, but I put my hands all over Ela's body, caressing her with every stroke in and out of her.

I pumped hard into Ela's tight pussy, it grabbing me with each stroke. She had her hands on Carla's thighs, and I could see her tongue stabbing at Carla's clit and into her pussy. It was an incredible site, and I actually had to focus on what I was doing or I'd have come too quickly for sure.

We fucked in that position for 15 minutes when Carla said she was tired. I pulled Ela out without warning, flipped her onto her belly and told Carla to lay down so she could finish. As I pounded into Ela in this position, she started to moan loader, which caused Carla to moan from the clit tickling she was getting. I licked my finger and shoved it into Ela's tight ass as she came on my cock, on my finger, her tongue on Carla's pussy and her hands on her hips.

As Ela came, I forced another finger into her ass and pushed down, feeling my cock pumping inside. Carla saw what I was doing, and then she herself came. I kept pumping into Ela as she came down, and Carla finished her orgasm at almost the same time. Carla's hands fell to the sheets, and she collapsed on Carla's mound.

I pulled out of her pussy, and I snuggled up to both of them as Ela also found motivation to move up to nuzzle into Carla's neck. I pulled my condom off, knowing neither gal was able to handle anymore.

The sun had set.

Finally Carla looked up and noticed I was stroking my cock. "Not done?" I can finish. She nudged Ela, who may have dozed off. Ela rolled over onto her back, and I knelt up near her face. I popped my cock into Ela's sleepy mouth, and she grinned. Carla reached up and stroked the base of my cock as I fed it only partially into Ela's mouth. "Come for us, Sane. On us, whatever you want." It didn't take long with them both begging me to shoot my second load.

And I did. I came across their tits, their necks. Carla licked some off of Ela's neck as I shot my third load into her forehead and hair. Ela finished my final spurts in her mouth, with Carla licking her clean of any evidence of the fact that I emptied a big load across her body. I collapsed, with Ela rolling over to cuddle against me, and Carla spooning into her roommate.

We all napped for a few hours, one of the roommates waking us all up at midnight. "I'm fucking hungry." I turned on the lamp on the nightstand and looked at the room. It was a mess: clothes strewn everywhere, condoms and wrappers on the floor, two beautiful 20-somethings in a bed I was napping in just half a day ago. I kissed Ela, then Carla, and asked what they wanted to eat.

We ended up driving to a Burger King that was open late: Carla wearing Ela's shirt, Ela wearing Carla's. We talked and laughed and told stupid jokes. We all ate double Whoppers, drinking Diet Colas, munching on onion rings. At 2am, I dropped them off, getting a last kiss from Ela who sat in the front seat. We all had a great need fulfilled, and I knew it wouldn't happen again.

Ela and I fucked a few times after that, with Carla's blessing. Carla was sort of seeing someone and it was taking a serious turn, plus the roommates discussed the threesome a few days later and both loved each other more for it, but were not looking to duplicate a night of lust and passion and desire and love. I don't think they've done it again, but I still talk to both on Facebook, and I wonder if all 3 of us will be single, lonely, and hot for contact. They don't live with each other anymore, but one can dream.