Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Random Chat Victim

I have an open chat in my right sidebar that you can use to talk to me if I'm online and you're bored. I've had the chance to talk to 5 different gals in the first two nights and one guy. Good chats, always nice to know what people are thinking.

Here's one from the other night:

 Guest has joined.
 You are chatting with an unidentified user. Be careful what you discuss.

 me:  Hi!

 Guest:  is this real?

 me:  Am I a real person?

 Guest:  uhm, yeah. i mean a real person and not someone blogging so they can sell a book or somethng

 me:  Right.  No, I am real.  The stories are real.  I have no advertising on the site.  Just my opinions on events I've encountered.

 Guest:  ur opinions?

 me:  We all have different views on how things happen.  I try to write from my perspective only, see?

 Guest:  o i c

 me:  Who are you?

 Guest:  ive been following ur site is all

 me:  Got it.  Do you blog?

 Guest:  i have a site but dnt update it much
are all the stories for real?

 me:  Yes, unless I specifically say its a fantasy.  Those are rare.

 Guest:  i c. why do u do it?

 me:  So I don't forget things.  I'm plagued with a bad memory and this helps me connect the dots of my life.  Do you like what you're reading?

 Guest:  oh yah its hot and interesting and im amazed. i dont believe its real sometimes.
 me:  When I write about someone, I give them the address of the site to comment or follow the story.  It's very real.
 Guest:  do u write to get laid?
 me:  Definitely not.  I write for me.
 Guest:  i c. have u met ne1 from the site and slept with them?
 me:  No.  I haven't met anyone yet.  As for sex, I doubt that's an option because I think I come off as an asshole or a player.  When people know my secrets and tricks, it pretty much reduces any attraction for me.  I hope to make some friends though, at least.
 Guest:  i dont think ur an ass or a playa. u seem pretty hot to me why dont u post a pic??
 me:  I have a real life and writing this stuff could affect my job, my relationships, etc.  I've shared my pic with others though.  If you really do care, I can give you a url.
 Guest:  def. how old are u again?
 me:  Ok.  Please don't share it.  [URL REMOVED]  I'm in my 30s.  You?
 Guest:  23 but i feel like im 40.  one sec ill look at it.
 me:  We all feel aged sometimes.  Why do you feel so old?  Life not exactly what you want from it?  There's time to fix that.
 Guest:  omg ur cute.
 me:  Well, that makes me blush.  I don't feel cute, and I generally don't get that as a compliment, but thanks.  Maybe it's a good picture ;)  So, about you...
 Guest:  maybe not cute but hot. whateva. u dont look 30. sorta look older and younger.
im ok. broke up with the asshole and just feeling alone and fat and lost and all that shiznit.

 me:  I've heard THAT before.  I don't think I fit in any specific guy type, and I can be playfully young as well as strongly old.
Why'd you break up?  He cheat on you?

 Guest:  he was a jerk. i dont think he cheated but i did but it was no big deal. wasnt going anywhere and he didnt do much for me anyway. u should send more pics

 me:  If you change the last number in the link I sent you to any other number, there are more pics there.  Why do you feel fat?  Most women are very close to average in weight.  Maybe it's something inside?

 Guest:  dunnno really.  im not fat i just feel fat.  gross on the outside and inside.

 me:  Try some new clothes, new haircut, change your makeup.  Go for a walk every morning, even a short walk.  It helps!

 Guest:  yah i no. it doesnt matter its just a tough time right

 me:  Trust me, it will get better.  Are you ok?  Do you need to talk on the phone or anything?

 Guest:  nah im ok. so ur single?

 me:  Permanently it seems.  I don't click with women on the same levels as most guys do.  I do better as a sugar-daddy or a side lover or a great drinking pal than a boyfriend.  I fail a lot as a boyfriend right now, too busy.

 Guest:  i wish my boyfriend was too busy he just sits around and does shit with his life. sugar daddy sounds nice how do i sign up lol
ex-bf i mean

 me:  I'm pretty picky about sugar-babies, hah.
Are you in school or working?

 Guest:  done with college but cant find work where i want. have a job but it sucks and the hours are bad so i dont earn much. mght go live with my parents again

 me:  That might not be a bad idea, help you get your finances together.  The job market is tough but there's more work out there.  If you have a job, now is the time to apply elsewhere.

 Guest:  yah i should. so are u looking to hook up with people who read u?

 me:  Hah, is that a request?  No, I have no real purpose other than just writing for my own memory's sake.  If someone cute and fun and sexy comes around because of the site or from real life, who knows?  It's not a plan, and I don't seek out sex.

 Guest:  ur hot and u write hot u wont have a problem.

 me:  HAH.  I am definitely NOT hot, it's just good photos.  And again, it's not something I am planning or looking for.  If it happens at any point in any of my relationships, so be it.  But it's not a planned thing.
What's your name?

 Guest:  right. u wont have a problem trust me.
im from chicago too well close in the burbs

 me:  Gotcha.  Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it.  It's not necessary; you should focus on finding your own beauty again.

 Guest:  yah guys find me hot too but there all assholes it seems. they just want to ge tlaid but they lie about it. when u write it seems like u dont wanna get laid and it just happens i like that

 me:  I can't imagine trying to go out and get laid.  It's not my thing.  I'll let a woman take me home, but it's never something I pressure.

 Guest:  i cant imagine doing that its always the guys doing it right

 me:  It shouldn't be.  That might be why you find it all so unsettling and unhappy.  Try finding a guy who makes you want him and you might be surprised how much things in life feel better.

 Guest:  yah its hard. go out to the bar and they just hit on me and hit on me and then u hook up and its not good
hope i see u at a bar i wonder if ud talk to me

 me:  Honestly, probably not for long.  I'll talk to whoever I find attractive, trade information and end it there.  Hitting on a woman when either or both of us are drunk is a losing proposition.

 Guest:  yah thats sexy tho and old fashoned. i like u already. well i should go its late thanks for talking

 me:  No problems, Sara.  Don't be down on yourself, things will get better, just focus on you for awhile.  Get your needs in order and seek them out.
Have a good night

 Guest:  okbyethx

 me:  Oh, can I post this log to my site?

 Guest:  yah sure my real name doesnt show right?

 me:  Nope, it just says Guest.  Good night.  Chat again if you need it.

 Guest:  ok i might thx
Always feel free to chat me up if you need some advice or just an anonymous stranger to pour your heart out to.  I won't post anything without your express permission.


Ms. Mandy said...


I hate to say this to your guest, and it is not an insult actually to either of you, but she should get relationship advice from another female. If it's a self esteem issue, than a man that portrays himself to be some sort of 'ladies' man' (regardless of who he is in real life) is not the best way for a 23 year old girl to be building her confidence from. He won't give you the right type of affirmation that you need honey.

ChicagoSane said...

I agree, but I've never sold myself as the relationship EXPERT. I'd rather just listen to someone who just needs an anonymous friend to talk to. There's no commitment here, my chats aren't logged unless I specifically ask for the right to repost them (most people say no, mind you).

I hope I'm not portraying myself as a ladies man. I'd rather portray myself as a guy who any guy can be, with the right confidence, social skills, and verbal stamina to listen.

Andy said...

I love how you replied with perfect grammar and orthography to everything she attempted to write. She's a woman not a LOLcat.