Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An open invitation for a road trip

I was reading another blogger and she had written a short sentence about the perfect road trip.

I love road trips.  I do them often, usually alone.  My best 2 first dates in my life (and theirs as well, I later found out) were actually road trips.  Picked them up, hit the road to nowhere, and had a great time.

My most recent road trip with another person was with a gal, a second "date" although we agreed on date #1 that we weren't going to date.  It ended up with us having sex, but that is a very rare outcome of a road trip.  Trust me when I say that a road trip usually satiates MANY needs I have, and sex on a road trip only satiates one that I MIGHT have.  So don't think that road trip means sex.

So I'm putting it out there for this summer: whether or not we've met, whether or not you blog, whether you're male or female, let's hop in my car and hit the road.  Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, whatever.  I have 3 GPSes so we won't get lost, I have 2 netbooks in the car so you can even liveblog it if you're geeky enough, and I'll keep a bundle of singles in the glovebox so we can buy whatever it is we see on the road stops throughout.

It's not a commitment.  It doesn't have to be friendship.  You don't even have to talk: put your headphones on and crank up your iPod and close your eyes.  Maybe we'll pack the car like sardines, or maybe it'll just be you and me and the music on the radio.

It's an open invite, but let's do it soon.  August will come before you know it, and you'll feel bad for not doing at least one crazy exciting thing this summer.


Joy @ Big Time Fancy said...

I'd go. A change of scenery is always welcome.

~liz~ said...

can i still come, too? or am i off limits?? :(

ChicagoSane said...

I thought you DID come ;)

There's no banning for road trips, Liz.

Joy: You pick the day the time. I always keep gas full in my little car. Plus I have it detailed daily, so it's cleanish.

The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know said...

If I didn't have babies, I'd be there! Sounds sooo fun.

ChicagoSane said...

Smart Girl:

One of my best friends is a single mom with a passel of kids and I always cover the cost of a babysitter. So find yourself a gal you can trust, I'll foot the bill, and you can join us/me for a day of relaxing hilarity.

Andy said...

I love the idea of liveblogging while on a roadtrip. Addicts, much?

Tessa said...

The ability to hop in and just -go-, without going to or running from, is practically my only regret about not having a car. Have fuuuun.