Thursday, May 7, 2009

A preface to a possibly eventful evening

I called Stace today, as I said I would, to see if she wanted to get together next week.  She answered her phone, obviously at work.  When a woman doesn't screen your calls, it's usually an obvious sign of attraction.  Bonus points for her.

I told her we should grab dinner next week, maybe Tuesday or Thursday.  "Oh, I'm busy Tuesday but I can cancel."  If a woman cancels something, she's REALLY attracted to something about you.  If I woman says no to your date night choices, she has to counter with another night.  If she doesn't, never call her again.  I told her Thursday is fine, too, and there's no need to cancel.

"Ok, Thursday is fine, what did you have in mind?"  I'm hungry for Thai or maybe Assyrian.  "Assyrian?  Sounds exotic, let's do that!" Easy as pie, friends, when you give a woman two choices.

I told her I'd see her then, and would pick her up at 7 unless 8 was better (two choices).  "7 is good, I'll be ready.  Oh, what are you doing tonight?"  I was going to the Continental to try to meet up with 2 friends.  "Is that set in stone?"  Not really, but I've missed my good people.  "I'd really like to see you tonight, maybe after?"  I usually go to the Cunti (nicknamed because you can always hook up with a grotesque whorish trolly hipster girl after 3am) around 2am.  I told her I'd call her back and let her know.

I stewed about it for an hour, unsure if I wanted to see her this fast.  We just met 5 days ago, and I like to give things time, especially if there's a chance we'll hang out more than a few times.

I don't know if I necessarily like Stace as a woman for me.  First, I picked her at 25, but she's 23 and just out of a semi-long term relationship.  Rebound central, guys.  Second, she's deep in debt, which doesn't bother me, but she's also getting out of her lease in July.  Dangerous rebound.  I don't like to hurt people.  She is attractive, has a very nice body (from what I could tell), and she definitely is into me.

I call her one hour later on the dot and decide to accept.  My friends at the Continental won't miss me at all.   I figure I'd meet up with them later if the date ends early.  Who knows?

"I'm glad you called back!  I kept checking my phone to see if I missed it."  Cute.  Definitely wants to see me.  I tell her I'm free tonight now, but I have an early morning so we should meet up early.  "Can you pick me up from my place?  I'll be home by 5:30, need to shower fast and change, so I'll be done by 7." 7 it is.  She didn't ask where we're going, but I know just the spot, or actually, two spots.

Off to the shower for me.  Trim my beard to 1-day scruff, put on my new Emporio Armani underwear and undershirt (I wear those), maybe take care of some dental care, spray down the car with Febreze and open the windows.

I'm not thinking anything serious is ahead, but who knows.  More details later, for sure.


Celine de Chicago said...

I think I'm a bit jealous. Heart in throat and all that. Hope you get some! Thanks for the blooger tutorial, I signed up already and will post my first article tonight. Now to figure out this twitter nonsense.

ChicagoSane said...

Cute. Like the pink color.

Careful what you write, that photo of you is DEAD ON, where the hell was that taken? Oh, your hair is so amazing. Please don't cut it.

Oh, and no need for the jealousy, but I appreciate hearing that. She's (probably) not going to get any, I'm feeling a bit heavy today from overeating yesterday, and I hate banging if I'm not feeling fit.

Andy said...

Yeah, the girl is totally into you. I screen calls WAY too much (it's not my fault I attract weird creepy guys), and when they call me from a different phone (I told you they were creepy), I answer bitchly. And I don't answer SMS, emails or any other written form.

Yes, I am mean. But f the guys were nicer, I'd be nicer as well.

Celine de Chicago said...

I started writing my first story on my blog! Good luck tonight, post updates ha ha.

Celine de Chicago said...

The link didn't work. How do I post links?

Anonymous said...

Is it really necessary to mention your Armani underwear and shirt like every other blog post?
I love your writing, but nothing is more annoying than name-dropping. And the excuse "I use it to remember..." LOL, BS.
Anyways, please write about your drug adventures or something? Weren't you a junkie before?

PS. I laugh when I picture you in Armani underwear in your apartment in the "ghetto" laying on your one couch.
Ah, Sane, quite the exaggerator. But lovely writer.