Friday, May 15, 2009

Invitation from an Anonymous Blogger?

Looks like my plans to wander Greektown tonight may have changed, only slightly.

Received an email from someone who asked not to be named:

Hi, I read your blog daily and think about some of the thing you write about.  If you don't have plans tonight, want to meet me at some random dive bar so I can pick your brain?  I'm not going to be some hookup, I have a boyfriend, don't think I have any needs missing and would like to see who you are.  You can write about it, but no details about who I am or what my site is.  I live in __________, lots of bars to check out.  9ish?  LMK.

I replied, asking her what information is acceptable to write about, if anything is worthwhile;  no names, no blog links, no age, no specific location.  Honestly, I'm sort of in the mood to fly solo tonight, but I'll take an hour or three to visit a visitor and see how she ticks.  Since it is obvious there's going to be no funny business (not that I would ever make that assumption, anyway), it should be a nice cocktail-or-beer with a cowriter.

To be honest, she's never commented on here as far as I know.  I don't believe I've commented on her blog.  Oh and I just found out that LMK means Let Me Know,  I'm learning these things.


J said...

Sounds like it could be entertaining at least. I will look forward to hearing about it tomorrow.

Celine de Chicago said...

Who wants to make a bet that she'll jump him? Whoever you are you should post about HIM so we can giggle and hi5 each other like the little schoolgirls we are.

Anonymous said...

funtimes, funtimes! thx 4 the ride home. definately looking forward to what you write about it. not sure if i should come clean on my site or not, will wait to see what you say. i kinda like the anonymous blogger role and recommend it to anyone else.