Monday, May 25, 2009

The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

I am sad that The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, a film by my favorite director Terry Gilliam, is getting horrible reviews at Cannes. I've attended Cannes twice in my life, and it's not for me. Pompous, self-congratulatory and self-serving Hollywood types that I want nothing to do with.

But I had very high hopes for this film. The Gilliam trilogy of fantasy are my favorite movies to this day. This would be the 4th, and I believe I will still love it. I can't wait until opening day September 9, but I think I'll get at least 2 sneak previews before then.

The character played by the late Heath Ledger, Tony, reminds me of me. In many circles, I am a mysterious outsider, as Tony is. Due to Ledger's death, the character of Tony has shifting faces played by Depp, Law and Farrell. I, too, have shifting faces, sometimes to the surprise of people who have known me for decades.

The troupe of characters in the movie come across Tony as he is about to be hanged. They know nothing of his past. I have a dark past that I don't share with others. Friends and lovers have queried me, but I remain silent. Also, I have a memory that loses pieces of itself when I don't write about my experiences.

Tony has a wit for comedic dialogue, as do I. The troupe Tony joins is on a path to save a girl. My life has seemed centered around being the ears and arms for helping many women through troubling times, although I do not consider myself a "saver."

Tony is an outsider, as am I. We say things that others don't believe or understand. We see things that others miss or are too busy to figure out.

It's an intriguing character, and I wonder what else we have in common. I guess it's 3 more months, at most, to find out.


MindfulMama said...

Okay, so here's my question: What will it take for you to open up to somebody? You say you want to be understood. You say you have a myserious past. You say loved ones have expressed interest in it but you say you reveal nothing. How is it ever possible to understand someone who refuses to share their heart?