Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Transition from Anonymous to Eponymous

Looks like I've made some loosely tentantive plans to meet two bloggers next week.  I have never done that before, not with this blog.  Both are female.  Turn off your perv minds because neither are for conquest but to make new peers and possibly friends as I venture back into discovering Chicago.  That adventure, written here for history's sake, will begin next week.  Coincidental.

I've always been good at first meetings, whether it's for business, friendly chats, dating, or sex.  I don't have much to say, really, but I'm a good conversationalist.  When it comes to writers online, I am very intrigued by how much their online personae will match their real ones.  Are they one and the same?

I've seen the photo of one of them: cute, with an endearing writing quality.  The other I'm not so sure of, she hasn't written has much, and I have no idea what to expect.  I sort of expect them to be the opposite of two peas in a pod, and that's good.  It'll be interesting to see which, if any, or if both, I get along best with.

I'll post details here, with their approval after the fact, and we'll see if this is something I'd like to do more of.  At the very least, dear reader, you can introduce me to your friends in need.  Unless you're a person in need yourself.


The Dumbest Smart Girl You Know said...

I think you'll like us. And you're right -- we're pretty much opposites!