Friday, May 22, 2009

Sane gets some drama

I received not one, but two emails from females yesterday. I won't repost them, but paraphrase them: "You're bullshitting." One outright called me a liar, the other said she didn't believe much of what I write. I replied to both privately, but I figure if two ladies can get the balls to call me out privately, some who are reading are thinking the same.

Honestly, I don't care if people believe me or not. I've met 2 bloggers already, I'm meeting 2 more in the coming week or two. I think I have an invite open to meet two at once even, for a total of 8 bloggers in one month that I'll hang out with. I know for a fact that one of them (AFCB#1) told me privately after we met that she didn't believe me at first, but after meeting me knew I was the real deal. AFCB#2 and I haven't communicated since, so I don't know what she thinks or doesn't think. I may not even be on her radar anymore.

AFCB#3 and I have been chatting through emails here and there. She seems really fun, and she's tried to make our schedules work to meet sooner but it wasn't happening. Next week, for sure. AFCB#4&5 are friends, and they're pretty open on their sites about meeting me. AFCB#6 visits here rarely, but we communicate quite a bit via email and even the phone.

I don't really have cause for concern about proving anyone right, including myself. I write this for me, not for you. If you respond, then I will utilize your comments or criticisms (or questions) to further the quality of my writings. Am I missing details? Getting too detailed? Should I write more often, less often? Those things matter to me.

I know what the truth is, and I lay it out as I recall it. Others who have met me so far seem to consider me honest. Crazy, but honest.

If you're one of the two female bloggers who called me out privately yesterday, I'd be happy to meet you, too. I have the time, the method of travel, and the desire to make new friends. I won't meet you to prove you wrong, I'll meet you to honestly get to know you.

So why is it that some people distrust Mr. Sane? I guess it's because some people think it's way too much out of one guy. That might be true, but if you consider other people with my same mental structure, we all are a bit far-reaching in terms of what we like to get done, how we like to love, party and communicate, and how our hours are scheduled.

What about the ladies? I don't consider myself a player, and I don't know a single person who knows me that considers me that way. I don't go up to every hot girl in a bar and say hi. I don't pick up women all day long. If I see a gal I think is cute and something about her interests me, I'll ask her out. I'm batting about 30% on getting the number, and about 1/2 of those gals end up on a first date. There is rarely a second one, I get bored of drama quickly.

Work? I don't do anything that exciting. I have a few businesses. I travel sometimes for work, sometimes for pleasure. Travel is cheap (Australia was under $700 recently, round trip). Save $20 a week and you can go to Australia next year.

I live simply, usually tossing or donating a piece of clothing when I buy a new one. My place is relatively barren, I like to be out of the house. I don't drink too much, I definitely smoke too much. I eat too much, but I'm fairly slim (mental metabolism?) I should dance more, and not just alone in my bathroom after a great shower.

Yes, I'm crazy. Not clinically so, just overall a little more goofy and energetic that one would think. I don't hurt puppies or kittens, and I don't like to use anger or force towards other individuals. I'm kinetic, and it's sometimes contagious.

If you're one of the two who emailed me, let's meet. We'll get coffee, or some wine, or get in the car and haul ass to Ohio for a last minute show. If you're one who disbelieves in the Sane, email me and tell me why. I don't care to prove you wrong, but I do think you're missing out on some fun times and new experiences.


In my world I ROCK said...

I just started to read your blog but this is hilarious.
I guess I better read up to find out why you are receiving these emails.

ChicagoSane said...

Not much to say. Just the two ladies who BOTH emailed me within an hour of each other calling me out verbally.

Yes, I push boundaries (my own) and yes I write about some crazy things, but nothing THAT far out of the ordinary.

Thanks for digging in. Will jump on your archives later today :)

AFCB #2 said...

No communication, my ass. ;)

Celine de Chicago said...

AFCB2-- Sane is the kind of guy who doesn't believe that online relationships are real. Try emailing him and prove it. Text messages, phone calls, dating all real. Everything else is illusion to him. No wonder he has drama online.

Sane-- We're meeting at Cobra tonight. The whole nifty pack. Will you grace us with your presence?

ChicagoSane said...

AFCB2 (I love that name): This is true, but I am odd about the difference between online friends and offline friends. When you've been an online writer for 20 years, you sort of keep them separate.

CdC: That's exactly right! How is it you know me so well?