Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Have a home, sans furniture

Today the storers are coming to get everything. I decided to put in a new floor, kitchen and bathroom. I'm leaving a couch daybed to sleep on. Everything else goes today.

I own a tiny apartment, maybe 500 square feet. I've owned big homes, but hated the upkeep. It's too much. My place is more ghetto than chic but it's nice and calm.

Women I date ask why I don't buy in the loop; I can afford it. I don't because it frees up tens of thousands of dollars a year for travel, entertainment, maybe a sugar-baby or a girlfriend with taste.

I owned my place a few days after my 18th birthday. I paid cash, with no help from anyone. Now my costs are almost nothing. Minor taxes, utilities, insurance. BFD.

I am saving to buy more tiny places in other cities. France. Germany. Many Spain. I sit and wait and watch for amazing deals. It'll happen.

Tonight, I won't have a bed. 2 months of no bed. This means I will get more opportunities to get laid than ever before.

That's fine. The couch will have to do.


Nikita said...

For two years I dated around, a lot. So many that I can't remember all of them. Some I met at work, some I met outside. They were from different professions, different cultures, but all when I was in the same city. Some were good, some bad. Got burnt once or twice, and turned down a fair few.

At the end of the day, I'm a commitment-phobe and unable to stay with one person, my longest relationship is 4 months. I find some reason to sabotage any potentially successful relationship. The pattern never alters so I don't bother any more. I don't want to hurt anyone else or vice versa.

ChicagoSane said...


That's nothing to be sad about. I wouldn't call it sabotage, I'd call it a difficult way to break up. I've been in 3 year relationships, I've been in 2 week relationships. They ended because we were on different paths. They always tend to end very, very amicably.

Being a commitment-phobe can have it's reasons. It may be childrearing (parents weren't focused on you), it may be other issues, or it could just be your own logical self telling you that you have other things to accomplish before you're ready to settle down.

I had a woman I was interested in 3 years back tell me that she tends to only date for a few months. I was fine with that. I ended up breaking up with her 2 months into it, before she was losing interest. She was flabbergasted as no one did it to her. She called ME a commitment-phobe, to which I told her that I was just in tune with her needs, her level of interest, and her desires, and that I would be quickly replaced.

Years later, she agreed that I timed it perfectly, but still hurts over the "would've could've" way of thinking.