Saturday, May 2, 2009

Regurgitating worlds

One reason I detest hanging out in some neighborhoods is that worlds collide.  For a few years, everyone was moving to Logan Square.  Then it was Wicker Park.  Then Ukrainian Village.

It's not that I don't mind running into old friends, but when it's two different people from two different worlds that all of a sudden are buddy-buddy, I just have to shrug, grab my drink, and mingle on.

Tonight was that night.  I ran into Kevin, a guy who used to work for a client of mine.  I was sleeping with Kevin's girlfriend at the time, being the "other guy."  Eventually they broke up, she met someone great, so we ended our little tryst.  Who is Kevin with?  This guy Manny, a complete douchebag hipster.  Kevin never knew about me and his ex.  But Manny knew, sort of.  Ugh.  Wonder if that might come out.  How these two met is beyond me.

Earlier on, I ran into Edie, a girl I dated for about 7 months.  Edie was beautiful, and still is.  Our relationship was pretty good overall, except sex was terrible.  She was younger (this is going back maybe 5 years), and was relatively green in bed.  She'd been around with a few guys, but didn't really have a good rhythm about it.  So I showed her things.

The problem with Edie is that she came too fast, and became super-sensitive for hours after.  If I went down on her, she was done.  Roll over, go to sleep (typical guy move, I hear).  If I stopped before she came, she'd get off within 10 minutes of penetration, and that was that.  I don't think I had an orgasm for the 5 months we were having sex (or she was having sex).  I like Edie, I think she's a blast, but that was impossible to deal with.  Who is Edie hanging out with?  A gal I tried to date maybe 4 years ago, Colleen.  That girl shut me down completely.  She barely recognized me.  I said hi to both, gave Edie a smooch on the cheek and a hug, and moved along.

An hour later, Colleen comes up to me.  "Edie told me you're great in the sack."  Maybe I am, you weren't that interested.  "I didn't think you were the type."  I'm not the type to go back, that's for sure.  She pestered me a little bit longer but I shut her down.  Not interested.  Plus she looks haggard.  Before the night is up, Edie is asking me why I was so mean to her.  I wasn't, I just wasn't interested in wasting my night talking to someone who made the decision to say no.  I'm friends with many girls who denied me (or who I denied), but Colleen was super-bitchtastic about it.  She's one of maybe 3 women in my life who actually hurt my self-esteem for a few weeks.  Of course I'm negative about her.  The fact that she's part of this new inner circle of a clique I don't really have a taste for (but many of my friends are in) only makes it more boring and lifeless to me.

It was a good night, though.  I just got home, 2am.  Met some new people, swapped some email addresses and phone numbers, didn't over-imbibe, and packed up.  Nothing too exciting, but it was fun.

The horny vibe came and went a few times.  It's hard for me to really dig a chick who is plastered at a bar on a Friday.  They look cute early, but as the night progresses, drunk-face takes over.  Gross.  No, thanks.  I also think that the more I drink, the uglier women get to me.  It's probably a problem, but I've never woken up in the morning saying "Who the hell is she?"

Tomorrow I'm going out solo, maybe a wine bar.  Would love to bury my face in cheese and a husky South African Red.  Plus, I might find myself away from the atrocities I saw tonight, the whole mix of them.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll find that brunette in glasses who thinks she's Dorothy Parker.


My Other Blog said...

Bitch, bitch, bitch - this girl comes too fast, that one's a virgin! Do you ever have sex with anyone and both of you enjoy it? Especially, do you enjoy it - it sounds like you make a lot of women as happy as an orgasm makes a person feel, but what about you?

ChicagoSane said...

HAHA! Guilty as charged.

What is peculiar is that most of my complaints and bitchiness come out only through my writing. In reality I'm a very patient guy and have been called so.

Why do I bitch online? Catharsis. The façade of being completely impervious to frustration is just that: a mask I wear for others.

What about me? I find great pleasure in the adventure of life. Sure, I'd love to get off (and soon!), but it's not as important as watching things progress. Like a flower blossoming in slow motion.