Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Salmon, rosemary and brie

I made a tasty sandwich on homemade flatbread today.  Lots of fresh ingredients from Whole Foods gone in an instant.  Another secret ingredient in the flatbread, one that no one (yet) has figured out.

I almost had my hair trimmed today, but my usual barber was out sick.  Sad, because my hair is getting TOO long (it falls in my mouth and sometimes I burn it while smoking).  The upside is I've received more compliments on my hair from the fairer sex this past week than the past 5 years combined.  I almost had a Lane Kim moment like in the early season of Gilmore Girls when she touched the guy's hair and freaked out.

Saw my mom today, decided to drop off the last 2 homemade croissants.  She looked lovely, as always, and criticized me for my shoes not matching my belt (thanks, mom!).  She's a bit peeved at me for not calling her friend's daughter (twice divorced with kids???) in the past 2 months.

I had a great night, though: watched two of my favorite movies, talked on the phone for an hour with an old high school pal who found me on Mr. Facebook last week (nothing's changed), and dug deep into my emails to reply to people who I forgot about.  Overall, an EXCELLENT Monday.

Tomorrow I am going shopping for a new kitchen and bathroom for my tiny abode.  I figure I'll use my windfall from last week to replace both while labor is cheap and I can still get a decent price on it all.  Colors and materials?  No idea, give me a hand.

Tomorrow: off to a bar to meet up with Liz and supposedly her boyfriend.  That'll be interesting.  Putting off calling Stace til next week; just don't have the time or energy to focus on it.  Surprised to get an email from Kerry, who will not exit my self-pleasuring moments.  It's silly, but she really got me going.  Damn "teenager" and her impossible-to-breach bodypart.

Off to bed now at a later-than-expected 1:30am.  Looking for some pubs to hit up this week; if you're a Chicagoan, let me know what you like.  If you're lucky, I'll post a schedule here so you can come stalk me for a change.  I'd love to read a review of "I saw ChicagoSane and he's __________."