Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dressed in Black

Finally hit the sack at 3am, popped awake at 7.  It's too bad, because I was hoping to sleep in today.

Found 3 remaining eggs in the fridge, plus some Chinese take-out from 2 days ago.  Whipped it all together into a nice breakfast (ran out of butter, too).  Today is grocery day, so I'll be hitting my usual Whole Foods and Trader Joe's in a bit.  I love both stores, I hate both stores.  They have some amazing fresh foods and decent packaged goods, but they are also cluttered with some insane things.  Organic this, biodegradable that.  I get it, but I don't see a lot of benefit from some of the marketing campaigns.  There's a sucker twittering every minute, I guess.

It's rainy out in Chicago, and it's a bit chilly in my place.  The hot, hot shower was needed, but stepping out of it brought me a chill.  When is spring really going to break?

I have a late lunch with a great friend who we all call Nell.  He's about my age, has an amazing girlfriend, and generally likes the things I do.  We try to get lunch a few times a season, and today we're going to the Wishbone, definitely a brunch favorite of mine.

Bloody Marys early, that means.  Let's see if it gives me drive to actually go out and have fun later, or if I crash early in my old age.