Monday, June 29, 2009

Writer's Unblock: deciding what to post

Many of my writer friends, both online and offline, have witnessed a stage of writer's block that has caused them to lose the desire to move forward with their work or hobby. I'm the opposite. I maintain dozens of blogs, 2 print newsletters, and have even written 2 full-length novels in the past 2 years. I love to write, and I can't stop writing once I start.

This is a curse, I'd say. I have so many unpublished posts that it's hard for me to figure out what to post and how often. I hate to produce TOO MUCH for readers to go through, but I also don't like to have days of bland and boring post topics. Today I decided I'll work on what I want to post and stick to it.

For those who experience or are experiencing writer's block, I find it really advantageous to keep a mini-journal of things I do every day: "Saw Tom. Ate salmon. Cooked a pie. Wanted to bang Nina." Etc, etc. It works to help keep my active writer's mind motivated to write deeper about any of the things I've done that may flow into a longer term topic.

I've journaled, privately, for 20+ years. I still have all those journal entries (typed into plain text since day one) and have decided I'm going to write about 4 different main topics: businesses/jobs I've had, women I've loved and lusted over, friends who mattered, and food I've cooked. They're all interesting stories, and I have enough of my past set into written stone that I can pull information from a variety of journals to create interesting stories that some of you will love.

That'll take time, but thankfully I type 150+ wpm, so it won't be too long. Plus the fact that I am horny beyond even spring's break gives me good ammunition to re-read some of my own conquests and failures in the bedroom, stories which are always comical and fun and sexy.

Off to read my own autobiography now.