Monday, June 1, 2009

A Touch (A Fantasy, Part III)

This is the final part of a 3-part series. You can read the first part and the second part.

Neither you or I are "foot people" really, but I'm trying to punish you for the times you grabbed me or wanted me to touch you where I wasn't ready to. Feet are ticklish, but if approached properly, a soft or even a rough touch can send chills up your back.

By the way your back arched, I think I have the right amount of force down. I pressed, hard, against the arch of your foot with my thumb, the tips of my fingers glancing the top of your foot. You moan, then moan again when I switch feet. My other hand is sliding, softly, nail side down, up your calf to your thigh.

I take a toe into my mouth and suck it slowly, reminding you of how I like my cock in your mouth. It's intimidating to look up and see your wet pussy shining from the little light coming into this room. It's more intimidating to see your hand on it, your eyes closed, your back arched. The toes on your other foot are curled inward while you work yourself with need and lust, with greed and confidence.

I decide you've had enough play, so I drop your toe out from my sucking and slide up next to you, spooning you. I smack your arm away, pulling your fingers from your pussy. I put my nose to your neck and smell your sweat, your feminine scent, mixing in the air with the lusty remainder of wetness on your hand from your pussy. You reach back around and put your hand on my shoulder, bringing my thoughts back to what I need, what you need from me.

I part your thighs slightly, with you on your side. I grab my cock and run it back and forth on your wet pussy lips, picking up your moisture against my head. You moan, and I continue teasing your pussy and clit with the thick head of my cock. "Put it in, please," you beg, but I don't offer it.

Instead, I roll you on your back and spread your legs more, putting just enough pressure on my cock to push in barely half an inch. "Yes, inside, fuck me," you beg again, but I withdraw, keeping my head touching your pussy lips, but refusing to go in. You push your ass against me to try to force me in, so I slap your ass cheeks hard again, reminding you who is in control. "No, I want you inside, I need..."

I interrupt your begging by pulling your hair downwards toward me. You scream in pleasure at my forceful nature. As I let go of your hair and your head returns to its previous position, I push on your shoulder and force you to the bed, flat on your belly again.

This time, I spread your ass cheeks apart, spread my knees across your hips and place the head of my cock right against your asshole. "Ohhh, no," you beg, not allowing me the pleasure of pushing into you where you've told me not to go. So I do, pushing the head of my cock slowly against your tight ass. "Ohhhh," you moan. It won't fit, but you don't know this. I push a little harder, "Ooohhhhh, noo," you remind me, but then you surprise me and yourself by saying "Yessss." Yes? "Yes, put it in me, anywhere you want." You've given up, thinking I'm going to take you in your tight, beautiful ass. I push a little more, but then withdraw. "Nooo, please fuck me, anywhere, please." You beg, but you won't receive.

I remove my cock from between your cheeks after running it up and down them one more time. "I need you." Shut up. "Please." Shut up or I'll make you shut up. "Please, fuck me, make love to me." I've had enough, so I remove my condom and crawl up to your face, your hair tight in my hands.

Suck me. You open your mouth and I slide my cock past your lips. Your eyes are open, looking up at me as I slide my cock in and out, just a few inches, feeling your tongue dance on my cock head and underside. Spit on it.

You do, and I slowly fuck your mouth more, putting my hand on the back of your head, pulling you in. I don't force my cock too deep, just filling your mouth enough so you can feel every texture, tastes my precome, smell my sweat and desire as it emanates from my body. Then I pull out.

"Please, let me suck you. I want to taste you." No. Instead, I take my cock and slowly move it from your mouth. I straddle your back, and take my cock and touch it to the back of your neck. "Ohhhhh god, I need you." I ignore you, and pull the head of my hard cock down your back, down your spine. A little bit of precome dribbles out, so I spit on my hand and mix it with my precome to lubricate the underside of my cock as it slides down your back.

As I get to the small of your back, you beg again, "Please, put it inside me. Fuck me, fuck me anywhere." You grab my cock, and I bat your hand away. I don't have a condom. "Just put it inside me. Fill me with your come, I need it, anything you want." You touch my chest and I smack your hand away. Anything? "Yes, just fuck me." You touch my hip, and I pull your hand away again.

I roll off of you, roll off the bed and stand up. "Nooo, come back, please."

I look at your face, then turn around and head towards the door. "No, what are you doing?" I reach my hand out to grab the door handle, and you jump out of bed and run up to me and embrace me. I release your arms, turn around, and tell you that you are not allowed to touch me, only I can touch you. You stare at me, pause momentarily, and smile.

I put my hand on your shoulder and push down, and you oblige my request my falling to your knees. I step forward, and your mouth is already waiting for me. You suck me deeper than you had earlier, but I don't want that. I pull my cock out of your mouth and turn my hip to you, kissing my hip to your lips softly. Your lips then kiss my stomach, my pubic hair, my other hip. I push down on your shoulder and you kiss my thigh. I pull up on your arms and let you kiss my chest, my nipples, my shoulders. I let you kiss my neck and my chin and my cheekbone and finally my lips.

Then I turn you around and push you towards the wall. You stop your body's momentum by throwing your arms up higher on the wall, leaving your ass bent in a perfect position. Don't move.

I grab another condom, cover my cock, and slowly slide into you. I don't touch your hips or your back. I don't touch your shoulders, or pull your hair. Just my cock and your pussy connect. I slide in slowly, but not fully, and slide out almost completely. You know what I am doing, and you moan loudly with each penetrating short stab.

I pull out again, fully, letting the head pop almost completely out, pause, and then force it in, but not completely in. I never let my hipbone touch your ass cheeks.

You moan again, aware of the touch that is missing, the touch that I won't give.

I slide in and fight my own desire to slam as deep as possible. I can tell you want more of me, but I don't give it to you. Still, your breaths are shorter, your moans deeper, your ass pushes back harder to try to get all of me. I continue to slip in and out of you, just a few inches in, then completely out.

"Please, please give it to me." Give you what? "Ooooh, I need it, so badly I need it." What? "Please..."

I don't fuck you deeper, but I give you something better: my hands on your hips, on your sides. The moment my fingers make contact, you come, hard. You slide your pussy completely down so our bodies make contact. I start to come, too. My hands are on your sides, on your hips, on your ass, on your shoulder, all in the minute it takes you to finish your beautiful orgasm. I finish, too.

You collapse from the wall and sit down on your bare ass. I turn to face you, pull of my condom, and stroke my semi-hard cock. You notice me stroking it, stepping forward to you. Get against the wall.

You do. You're on your knees, back against the wall, hair tussled falling over your ears and falling across your forehead. You'd cry at knowing I remembered you this way, always fighting me about how you look your worst when you have't had time to be primped up. We'd fight because I think you look gorgeous: a chaotic ensemble of beauty because of what I just put your through. Your eyes widen as you look up at me, unsure of what my next step is.

I take a step forward, my cock hard, pointing right at you. As I take another step, your mouth opens automatically. Keep your hands by your side. I take another slow step forward, sliding my cock head just past your lips. Keep your eyes open; look at me.

I handle the rhythm I like, and I lock eyes with you. Being inside your mouth gently but without offering your control is keeping you hot, the passion in your eyes soft yet strong as you know I'm teasing you by only letting your lips and tongue and throat touch me. As I slide out of you, I pull my cock out of your lips as I had done to your pussy earlier. The look of sadness when I leave your mouth is the same look of frustration when I teased you earlier.

As I pick up speed, your eyes are wider than ever, knowing I am getting close to emptying myself one more time, one last time. I feel myself getting closer as my knees bend slightly. I pull out of your mouth and start to stroke my cock mere inches from your mouth and nose. Your forehead wrinkles and your eyes close as your face tilts down and to the right. You know I'm not going to ask you for this, and you prepare yourself for the onslaught of my orgasm.

With your eyes closed, you hear my groans as I unleash, one stream after another. But slowly your face tilts back up, eye still closed, as your face is dry and without the sticky completion from your fantastic blowjob that I was in control of. One eye opens, then another, as you see me back 10 feet, sitting against the bed, exhausted. You check your face with your hands, your hair. You felt nothing on your tits or your shoulder or your belly, and a quick run across your body with your hands confirms you're clean.

I fall back to the bed, and you stand up and look around you. As you notice the come-soaked wall behind you, you realize that I left you with one final tease: a touch missed, a final encore that sets the stage for the next time you're in my bed. You won't be begging me to not do something, you'll be begging me to do it. As you walk over to the bed and cradle your body into mine, I know you wonder if I'll listen.


sadielady said...

hot. very hot.

Celine de Chicago said...

You're pushing boundaries finally, thx. I think you should push further with these fantasies since your real life stories are already hot. What are you going to show us next, or do to us next, Sane? I think we all dare you.