Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fiends with Benefits, Part III

Auto-posted at 1pm while I am on a flight somewhere over the Atlantic. More auto-posts coming, and I'll be returning tomorrow evening.

This is the final part of a 3-part series. You can read the first part here.

She unlocked the door to her apartment and we walked in. It's a nice place with common hardwood floors, off-white walls, and a touch of color from the curtains and furniture that brings her living room together. She doesn't have a lot of stuff, which is very attractive.

I ask if she lives alone. "I do, now. I had a roommate but she had a revolving door of shady guys she'd bring home. When the last guy stole some things from me, I told her she needed to find a new place." How do you afford it? "My parents help, since I'm still in school." I'm glad she's honest about her parents helping. I think it's a good thing for parents to help a student. "Me too," she laughs.

I sit on her big green couch and she runs to the bedroom. I hear the tap-tap-tap of an animal running into the room. It's a little tiny hound of some kind, medium brown with gorgeous eyes. "This is Cheval, he's 4." Cheval? Like from doucheval? "That's right!" It means two horses in French. "Haha, I know." He runs up to me and stares at me, not growling or barking. Just staring.

I pat my hand on the couch and his tail turns into a wag-fest. "Be careful, he doesn't like guys." He'll like me. All dogs love me. He wags his tail and then his little frame gets frustrated as it runs back and forth, trying to figure out how to get onto the couch. "He's not good at jumping." I reach down to grab him and his tail goes CRAZY. "Careful, he's a nipper." I call his name and grab him under his chest. No nipping, he hops right into my lap as I lift him up.

"Wow. Chevy never likes guys so quickly." I give him the alpha male stare and talk to him in my deepest basso voice. His tail his wagging and his face is between his front paws. Cute. "You must love dogs." Actually, I do, but I don't tend to have many in my life. Dogs are great pets, but all pets can get in the way of excitement and travel. "That's true. My folks watch him often if I have a busy schedule at school." That's good to know.

It's also exciting to me. I tend to not date women with dogs only because it has fucked up chances of last minute travel. It's not a hard and fast rule, but I've followed it fairly well. Knowing her folks are around to watch this little mutt increases her chances of something with me, whatever that might be.

She comes back with a beer for her and a glass of vodka on the rocks for me. "My ex-roommate left a bottle in the freezer, I hope it's not spoiled." I laugh, vodka doesn't spoil. "Oh, I guess that makes sense." We clink glasses and she sits down next to me, with Chevy in between us.

"Anything you want to watch particularly?" I don't have a TV, so just throw on whatever is on TV. She zaps the TV on and some sitcom I've never heard of is on. "You don't have a TV?" I do, but it's not plugged in. I use it to dry hand-washed shirts. She laughs, a LOT. Chevy looks at her and then back at me and his tail goes crazy again. I put my hand on his head and rub his temples. Her beer bottle returns to the table and her hand lands on to of mine. Chevy's tail goes crazy.

We watch whatever show it is, and I laugh a bunch. It's well written, and the timing of the actors is perfect. Kari keeps glancing at me, and after the show is over, she puts her back into the corner of the couch and looks at me. Chevy is asleep but he'll open his eye every once in awhile to give me the side-glance and wag his tail a few inches back and forth.

"So, tell me more about you." What do you want to know? "Do you have any plans this summer?" Not really. Some travel, visit with my folks, see friends, do some writing. "Do you travel alot?" Yes. "For writing?" Absolutely. "That's so interesting!" It's OK. It's a job. "I think most people would want that job."

Maybe. I turn my body into the opposite corner of the couch and we look at each other, both of us smiling. Kari lifts up Chevy and puts him on the chair. "That's HIS chair, never sit there." I would never even consider it. She sits back down and lays her her against my chest and her hand touches my ribs. My body bounches back a bit. "Oh, did you not want me laying on you?" No, not at all. I have a little injury there, that's all. "Injury?" I fell into a wooden fence, I lied. "Oh is it bad?" No, just bruised.

I have my hand on her hair and then it falls to the back of her neck. She moans. I look at her and she's blushing. "Sorry, that's umm, sorta..." your spot? "Yeah." She blushes again. My hand leaves her neck and my fingers play on her back. "Ohhh, I love my back touched." Who doesn't? Another half hour of it and I can tell she's got goosebumps. Her light moans are an incredible turn-on and Little Fire Hydrant decides to wake up. She's laying on me, so I'm sure she notices.

In response, she rolls herself over and grabs my shoulders, repositioning me better on the couch. She crawls up my chest and puts her hands on my neck and cheek and kisses me. It's a great kiss, not much tongue, not inhaling or exhaling. She kisses 50 times better than Lena does. It's obvious the girl is passionate.

As we kiss, she straddles my jeans. I can feel her warmth against me and I'm sure she can feel my cock straining through the jeans. Whenever I kiss her cheek or her chin, she moans. My hands tease her neck, too, and my fingers run through her soft brown hair and end up on her shoulder, teasing her neck by barely touching it. She's writhing a bit, grinding a bit, kissing her way down my neck to my neckbone as she unbuttons my shirt slowly.

She pulls my shirt off my shoulders and kissing my shoulder and my bicep. "You don't look that muscular but you seem so strong." Muscles don't mean strength. She pulls my shirt down further and unbuttons it completely down as she kisses her way down my chest to my belly. I'm a bit hairy on the front but she's not concerned. As she pulls my shirt away from my ribs, she sees the 9 inch bruise on it. "HOLY FUCK." What's wrong? "That's not from a fence!" The bruise is actually 4 bruises all in the same general area.

"Did you get punched?" No, I fell on a fence. "Don't lie. I dated a football player in college, I know bruises from falling and crashing into bodies. It looks like you were punched 3 times!" Ok, I lied. It's from a fist. "What the hell happened?" I was sparring with a friend of mine, he was teaching me some new moves. "Sparring? You fight?" Only to stay in shape. "That's bullshit, what happened!"

I tell her that's the truth. "You do this often?" Only when he's in town. He's a fast, skinny strong guy who teaches me to be able to defend myself. "Wow, that's really sexy." Her lips softly kiss my bruise without eliciting a response of pain. I have my hands on her head, running my fingers on her scalp which brings forth a series of moans. I run my fingers through her hair softly, ending up on her neck and then her back through her shirt.

She sits up and pulls my shoulders forward so she can get my shirt off. As she throws it onto the coffee table, she pulls her own T-shirt off. I look at her face, not her tits, but she puts her hand on my chin and tilts my head down. "You can look at me you know." I know, but I like your face. "You're a tease. You know I had NO idea you found me attractive? At least look at my body once in awhile." I did, I'm just good at hiding it. "Tease."

In honesty, her body is great. She's a 32B, almost perfect. Her tummy is flat and her hips are fantastic. As she puts her mouth on mine again, I play my fingers on her back and on her hips. She's grinding heavier now, and my cock is really wanting to get out of my jeans. As our tongues battle and we nibble on each other's chins and necks and earlobes, I softly run my fingers from the bottom of her back up to her bra strap. She moans louder than ever and pulls her face away from mine and stares into my eyes. With that, I unsnap her bra strap in 2 seconds. She reaches up to push her shoulder straps off and her bra falls to my belly off her arms, past her hands. Her tits are PERFECT.

"You like?" I look into her eyes and nod. Again she grabs my chin and forces me to look at her chest. In response, I move a hand up from her hip, up her ribcage slowly, and trace the outline of her breast without coming close to her nipple. She moans. She climbs up higher on my pelvic bone and throws her tits right at my mouth. Instead of licking or biting, I open mouth kiss the area between her boobs and then run my tongue in a wide circle around one breast, staying far away from her nipples.

She moans, a long moan that finishes in "teeease." I grab her shoulders, pull her back and in one motion push her to the couch on her back. Her hand runs up her side and she grabs a nipple lightly, but I pull her hand away, putting her fingers in my mouth. Another moan.

I look in her eyes and she how pretty she is like this, completely at ease but turned on beyond expectations. "Do you want to go to bed?" Maybe. "Maybe?" I don't fuck on a first date, and I don't sleep around and do one night stands. "Neither do I." Also, I'm not looking for a girlfriend, and I don't want to lead you on. "You're so much fun and exciting, but I don't want a boyfriend either. We don't have to have sex, but my couch is really lumpy and small." It is, I laugh. She laughs back.

She pushes me off of her and stands up. Perfect tits. She sees me watching her so she runs her hands from her shoulders down to her nipples and down her flat belly, her thumbs finally resting on the top of her jeans. Then she unbuttons her jeans, turns and walks to the bedroom. I stand still, and she turns around, smiles, and bites her bottom lip. Little Fire Hydrant jumps again and she notices.

I follow her into her bedroom and she douses the light, leaving only the light from her kitchen softly bouncing into the bedroom through the hallway. She unzips her jeans and rolls them to the floor. "You can take yours off if you're comfortable. I promise I won't fuck you, too much at least." I listen and unbutton my button fly and toss the jeans on top of her hamper.

She gets into bed and under the sheets, the bedroom colder than the rest of the house because of the small window facing an alley. I climb into bed with her and we embrace, kissing deeply. She moans so much, I know this one is going to be fireworks in bed. She pushes her leg outwards and forces it under my thighs, bringing me between her legs. My cock popped out of my boxer hole and is pressing up against her panties, which are obviously wet with desire.

And her damn dog is in the bedroom, running around trying to find a way to hop on the bed. Oops.

We kiss more, our hands playing on our bodies. Her moans are intimidating, but as my mouth finds more of her body, they just get deeper and lower. Her hips are really sensitive, so I am careful not to tickle her. Her knees are ticklish to, so I avoid them as I work down to her ankles and feet. I bite down a bit on the side of her foot and she moans at that, but doesn't jerk away.

I work my way back up her body, avoiding her pussy and her tits. I kiss her again and she grabs my shoulder and rolls me over to my back. She works her magical mouth on me, not avoiding my nipples. As she kisses my belly, her hand grabs my cock. "Oh, it's beautiful. You're thick." I say nothing as she slowly strokes my cock and licks my belly and then my thigh. My cock is inches from her face and she strokes it, watching it in the light as it gets harder.

"I have to suck your dick, really badly." I look down at her and smile, not resisting. She licks it from the base closest to my balls, licking around the shaft slowly. I moan and put my hands in her hands to caress her scalp and hair without forcing her to do anything specific. As her tongue plays on my cock, it gets even harder than earlier. I moan when she licks the underside of the head and then she runs her tongue up the head to lick up my precome. "Mmm, not bad at all" she says. I moan my response and then she widens her mouth and takes the head in.

I don't come from blow jobs, almost never. But she's popping my cock in and out of her mouth, getting the head in and using her tongue as it penetrates her mouth to caress the underside of my head. She's VERY good at this, and I'm really happy about it.

She caresses my balls but I push her hands away. "Too sensitive?" she asks, and I nod my head. My hands push her mouth back onto my cock as she struggles to get more of it in her mouth. I grab her neck more and give it a little pressure, letting my cock push deeper into her mouth. Finally I hit the back of her tongue and she gags. "Fuck, that thing has gotten thicker! What the hell?" I laughed and then force her mouth back on it, pushing again to the back of her mouth. Another gag.

"I don't think it's going further than that, not without practice." Oh, so you want to practice more in the future? "Fuck yeah! I want this thing in me, by the way. Are you sure you don't want to fuck?" I do want to fuck, but I think we shouldn't do it tonight. Let's go out again and figure out if we're right for that. "Ok, but I had so much fun, I don't think you're going to hurt me and I'm not going to hurt you." Just suck my cock and shut up.

She complies, bobbing her head up and down my cockhead, trying to get it deeper in her mouth without gagging. Every time she gags, she takes a deep breath and goes back to it. Good gal. I'm shocked that I feel my balls tingling, a sure sign that I'll come. Blow job orgasms NEVER happen for me, but she's really enthusiastic about sucking me off. As I get closer, I pull her hair up so my cock pops out of her mouth.

"What's wrong?" I'm close. "It's OK, I want you to finish." In your mouth? "Sure, you taste really good, I'm not afraid of it." She puts her lips back on my cock and picks up speed to match my pulling and pushing on her neck and hair and scalp. Less than 5 minutes later, I tighten up and I feel her mouth get wider. Her hands grab my cock at the base and on the shaft and start pumping with her mouth just open.

I come, shooting my first arrow straight down her throat. That causes her to gag BIG time so my cock falls out of her and she coughs from my load. The rest of my come hits her chin and her neck and some of it lands on my cock and my belly. "Damn, I wasn't expecting it to be so strong!" I laugh and she licks up what is on her chin using her finger and then cleans off my cock with her tongue. "What the hell, you taste really good. I can do that again." She looks at my cock as I come down from my orgasm and it's still mostly hard. "I guess you can, too." I laugh and she laughs, crawling up my body, my boxers still down at my thighs.

"I think we should fuck, soon. Maybe?" Definitely. She kisses me, the taste of my come on her tongue still. My cock gets harder from the kisses and she starts stroking it again. "This is good." Yeah? "You're going to fuck my brains out aren't you?" If you keep talking like that I will. "You're going to fuck my wet pussy and make me come, right?" More than once. "Haha, one is good enough and usually all I have." Trust me, my cock in your pussy for the long haul will do wonders. She strokes me more, "I know."

We keep kissing, me on my back, her straddling my hips. I grab her ass and pull it upwards on my body. Her eyes widen and I smile, pushing her hips up to my belly then past my chest. I tell her to stand up and pull off her panties. She stands, but is a little wobbly on her old mattress. She pulls her underwear off and I stare at her pussy. She shaves but hasn't in at least a week, leaving me the impression she wasn't expecting to get here tonight. That's VERY attractive, plus I like a little bit extra there on occasion. More natural and fun.

Her dog sees her standing, and yelps a few times to get her attention. She ignores him, which is good because I've been with dog owners who COMPLETELY lose their train of thought with the ole mutt in the room.

"Now kneel over my tongue and get that gorgeous pussy of yours on me." She smiles and kneels over my head, still wobbly but stabilizes as I put my hand on her ass cheeks and guide her pussy to my face.

Her lips are fairly big, but her clit is beautiful. She's definitely past the foreplay stage and ready to be fucked, no doubt. Instead, I tease her pussy by using my tongue to pull her lips apart, licking the inside of her lips while avoiding her clit and her pussy hole. She moans, her hands on my forehead and pulling on my hair.

She thrusts her hips a few times, suffocating me a bit as I pinch her ass to get her to back off a bit. Her pussy tastes good, and she's incredibly wet. I keep teasing, running my tongue from back to front, barely glancing off her large clit. I keep pulling her pussy apart, running my tongue into it, around it. I take her lips into my mouth, and then her clit is surrounding by my lips, but just barely.

She bucks a bit, moans a LOT. Good thing her roommate moved out. Her hands are pulling on my hair and squeezing my forehead as she rocks onto my tongue and lips. I use my nose to push into her clit harder this time and she lets out a little scream. "Eat me" she commands, and I do, finally taking her clit into my lips and using my tongue to push up against it gently, but just with enough force to get her really moving.

Her pussy juices are streaming into my beard, her thighs are compressing against the sides of my face, and her clit is popping in and out of my mouth with a great rhythm.

"Oh fuck, like that don't stop" she screams as I start sucking on her clit and massaging her ass to the rhythm of her face-fucking me. "Yes, yes suck it don't stop" she screams as her hips push HARD into my face, her clit throbbing in my mouth and against my tongue. I run my finger across her asshole to tickle it a little and she comes, hard.

"Oh god yes suck me, suck my pussy, I'm coming." I love it when a girl is vocal. A woman SHOULD tell a guy she's there. I hate those quiet orgasms, they bore me. She wasn't faking it as her pussy unleased more of her juices into my mouth, down my chin, down my bearded cheeks. Her pussy lips slammed against my mouth and chin as I finished sucking her clit just before the point of being too sensitive.

As she finished I backed off, opening my mouth and withdrawing my tongue so she could grind her clit into my mouth at her pressure level. Not too rough, just enough to get the rest of her orgasm out. Finally, she collapses to my right, falling over with her forearm on her forehead, wiping sweat in this cold room. "God damn it." I look at her and ask what? "Damn it. If you can eat pussy like that, I really have to know what your cock feels like inside of me." Ok. "Now?" No. She looks at my cock which is just as hard as when it was in her mouth. "You look like you can go again." I can.

"Crawl onto my tits now." Huh? "Straddle my tits. I want to watch you jerk off on me." I comply, straddling her gorgeous breasts. She pushes them together, giving me a little more to work with as I stick my cock between them. A few pushes and it gets harder. She glances down and tells me to stroke it for her.

And I do. She's just dirty-talking enough to keep me really horny. I stare at her face and know I'll be covering it in my come. Maybe not this time, but sometime. Her eyes are wide and her lips mouth the words I like to hear. I stroke my cock for a good ten minutes, pushing it between her lips often to get it lubed. As I start to moan, she asks me to come.

I ask her where. "Anywhere." Tell me. "On my tits, my neck." Just there? "On my chin, in my mouth, just come for me." I do, sending my first stream across her neck. She opens her mouth a bit, and I aim for it but completely miss her face and land another stream across her shoulder onto her pillow. She turns her face to try to catch it, and the third stream hits the back of her cheek as I always compensated for my bad aim. She turns her face towards me and I push my cock up to her tongue and send the final load down her tongue. I tell her not to swallow it. She smiles and sticks her tongue out, my come dripping off of it down onto her neck.

You can spit it out. She say "uhh uhh" and she smiles and shakes her head no. Her tongue pulls back into her mouth and she makes an obvious over-acting job of swallowing what little I gave her. "Mmm, definitely can use more of that. You can come in my mouth anytime." Yeah?

I pull up next to her, forgetting about my own come on her pillow which now is embedded in the back of my hair. Oops. She cuddles up to me, pulls close to me and straddles one of her legs between mine. My cock is still semi hard and she notices, asking me if I'm sure I don't want to fuck her. "Not tonight."

We talk more, and at some point we both fall asleep. Eventually she goes to the bathroom, so I turn over. When she returns, she spoons up to me, my back to her front, and we fall asleep until the next morning awakens me early.

Kari ended up being my fiend with benefits for most of 2008. More on that to come in a future journal entry from my past.


Celine de Chicago said...

Nice spelling errors, dude. Copy and paste from your old journal??? You need to stop teasing girls with good oral and then no dickin. What ever happened to Kari, do you guys still talk?

Cande said...

that was hot. I have to admit that it made me wet. can't wait to hear more of these stories.