Monday, July 13, 2009

A quiet week

I have a quiet week ahead, with no major plans to keep my attention from much needed sleep, cuddle time with the kittie, doing some cleaning and preparing for some rehabbing of the old apartment, etc.

AFCB#1 called me up today out of the blue, telling me she saw me on Saturday but I didn't notice her waving. She told me she's missed my company and would like to hang out again, so I'm putting some ideas together for gal-pal festivities. I'm thinking of taking a road trip up to Ren-Faire or maybe Woodstock, Illinois for good food and sunlight. We'll see.

I'm going to drop a line to AFCB#2 as well, might as well make it a blogging buddy week. Maybe lunch, maybe dinner, not sure really. Always good to have eye candy 3 feet in front of me while I stuff my face and belly.

My mind is cluttered from lack of good sleep, so I'm definitely doing a nap this afternoon in the sun. Millenium Park or the beach, anyone?

I have two VIP tickets to Harry Potter for Tuesday night at 12:01am at a fantastic theater (the best in Chicago if you ask me) but I can't go due to plans I already made for Tuesday, so I traded the tickets for Wednesday. Not sure if I should take a friend for movie and dinner, or push for calling up a possible date interest or not. It's a tough call.

Bea from Saturday added me to Facebook and said "we should hang out again soon." I would very much like to stick my ears on her thighs for awhile, but I also don't like hooking up with any of gay Miguel's friends. He loves to blabber, and then simple stores like "He had sex" become "He's having orgies and is going to have a polygamous marriage and children with his entire concubine." So I'm leaving that one simmering on a back burner because I think it would be wise to stay 10 feet away. My resolve this weekend was nearly broken.

I'm trying to make lunch plans with a competitor of mine, Brach, who is in town from Germany. He's about my height and weight, but his body fat is probably 2%. When he comes to town, we pound on each other in an alley behind one of my buildings, and then wander into bars bloody and bruised. Lots of fun with the surly German, but I'm not sure if these old bones can take it.

So that's about it. Not a lot of interesting things happening, but I sure as hell am ready to get my mouth on someone's lips (yes, those too) and tell you all about it.

Any of you getting laid? Tell me about it.


~liz~ said...

Be careful, Sane. I heard from Miss Celine that you're quaking beneath the surface :-) Are we still doing bloody maries this weekend?