Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bizarre week ahead

Dental surgery sucks. But that's how it is when you have genetically bad teeth.

I've had almost ZERO internet connection the past few days, which is OK because practically everyone I've ever known in my life has been back home in Chicago for the 4th. Saw a LOT of old friends, a few enemies, crossed paths with some exes I've loved.

Had a great dinner this past week with a new found friend, which is always nice. Also got to see a great face-height shot of her ass walking up stairs. Never a bad thing, trust me.

Next week is a little travel, a little work, hopefully a lot of fun and recuperation from the root canal. I don't do well on vicodin, so it means early nights in bed.

Next week I am going to LA to see a client for possible work in Japan or Hong Kong. That's always exciting. While in LA, I made plans to have lunch or dinner with two different friends who have interesting stories. Both were lead singers of fairly popular bands (not Pearl Jam popular, but some radio play and MTV coverage). Both have solo careers. What unites them, in my mind, is that they BOTH wrote songs for their own solo albums that were covered by other artists on other albums BEFORE their own solo records were released. Kind of cool, actually.

I'm bouncing back to Newark for an afternon voiceover session with a producer who is looking for pitch voices for some odd commercial shorts. I try to avoid those gigs, but I'm excited because I actually like one of the products. Maybe I'll get it.

In other news, I have a ridiculous amount of creativity flowing through my mind. Maybe it's a surge caused by a new muse, or maybe it's excitement for my end-of-July trip to 4 continents in 8 days lasting through the first week of August.

Sorry for the silence at this blog, not having good Internet sucks. Tuesday I'm getting a real broadband install, and then kicking AT&T to the curb forever.


Andy said...

4 continents in 8 days??

My ears hurt already. Ouch. Keep some of that vicodin for all the trips... Hahaha :P

Mia Barista said...

end-of-July trip to 4 continents "in 8 days lasting through the first week of August."


As for women who don't know how to taste wine, they're either morons or faking it to make you feel more man. In my humble opinion.

Someday a super-taster woman will school you. Then you'll be sorry you ever wrote a word on wine. Okay, a little harsh, but you know I'm right.

Athena said...

You get my superest sympathy for the dental surgery, having been there many times myself and having cried sorry-for-myself tears upon tears as I nursed my mouth back to life.