Thursday, July 30, 2009

Somewhere in America, Part III

This is Part III of a 3 part series (you should hope).

There I am, my beard glistening in her come, her lips raping my face, her hands on my neck and hair. A woman unafraid of tasting herself on the man that brought her off is 5 stars in my book.

We fall back to the bed and cuddle, noting that the sun is still up -- it's barely late afternoon. She has to be back at her place because she's going out to a party of some sort with friends later, so we don't have much time left.

The cuddling didn't last long as her face is on mine again. She's an amazing kisser, right up there with the best. She handles my aggressive kisses without shrieking, but she also accepts my teasing kisses by pouting when I pull away. A kiss is a tease like a back touch, but also a display of intimacy moreso than even fucking. From her kisses, I know I want to be inside of her, just not today, mere hours after our eye first made contact.

As we kiss, I feel her hips grinding again, up into thin air. It's not even 5 minutes after she came on my face and I can tell she's ready for more. I playfully dance on her body, her arms and shoulders and let my mouth wander to her beautiful breasts, licking around her nipples, underneath to her belly, up to her neck and shoulder and any protrusion I can put into my mouth fully or partially. She's moaning, surely ready for more.

I know I could have gotten my medicine bag and fucked her, but I wanted her to beg. Since her mouth is open but words aren't coming out, I decided to see how far I can push her orgasmically before penetration.

My hands danced down the middle of her torso, teasing her breasts and the sides of her body, her mouth making contact with mine again. My other hand is supporting her back and her neck, still teasing it slightly with the smallest touches, bringing forth those amazing goosebumps that just lead me to tease even lighter.

As my hands pass her latin hips, she moans. It's obvious she wants to come again. Finally, as my hand makes its way over her light pubic hair, she really moans. I let a finger slide past her clit and her hips push up to meet it. I pull back on her gorgeous lips and they're soaking again, fully wet so quickly. I'm amazed at her sexuality, her appetite for me, and her desire to come at my command.

I cupped her pussy fully and used a finger to only lightly penetrate her. That's when I noticed why she's so sexual: her clit extends from her hood where it's large, but it hides for a little bit and comes out again just at the opening to her pussy. It's amazing, and it has to be sensitive as all hell.

With my palm cupping her clit and my middle finger slightly penetrating her, I realize that I am going to hurt her BAD when I fuck her for the first time, if I can fuck her, if she wants me. Still, my finger is bouncing completely out and then just partially in, being careful to be very gentle with her extended clit.

Every time I pull out, she moans and grinds her hips. Every time I re-enter, she does the same, just as powerfully. She's sensitive, but she's ready so I don't need to hold back. I only do for teasing sake.

But she's still sensitive and wanting to come hard again, even with my teasing. I'm kissing her, trying to pull her attention away from the fact that my finger is caressing her dripping pussy. I can still taste it on my mouth from her first orgasm, and I can feel her body tense-and-release as my finger plays its medley on her clit.

It doesn't take long as I continue to pull out and in. "I think I'm going to come" she warns me (HOTT), so I use the bottom of my palm to add extra pressure to her clit hood while still stroking the entrance to her pussy, which has thickened up. She's dripping to the point that I can feel it. "Oh yes, like that, like that" she says with her Latin accent. I could always come myself just from her melodic and gorgeous voice.

"Unhhh, unhh, ohhh, unh" she mumbles as she comes, her arms reaching out to her sides on the bedsheets as her pussy moves 6 inches upwards to meet nothing but my palm and hand. As she comes, I look at her face, the gorgeous closed eyes which slightly open to show me pure white: her eyeballs are in the back of her head.

Her toes are curled, her feet extended forward, her legs are spread, and she continues to come for 30 seconds or more as I continue to rub her clit, lighter and lighter to not bring pain.

Finally, she stops. She's breathing heavy, kissing me, cuddling her face into my neck as she comes down from her orgasm. After a few minutes, we just cuddle again, my hands on her shoulders and her back as she holds me, fully spent.

Finally, she gets up to put her panties back on. Her gorgeous tits and ass get me fully erect in my jeans, my shirt still laying somewhere on the floor. I decide I can't handle it anymore, so I stroke my cock through my jeans and notice I totally flooded myself with precome. Ouch.

I unzip my jeans, unbuckle my belt, and slide my thick cock out. I spit on my hand to lubricate it as I stroke it. She turns, notices, and hops back on the bed, watching intensely.

I look at her face and see she wants it, so I ask if she wants to kiss it. Instead, she opens her mouth, licks her lips, and puts the head into her mouth, which fits, but just barely. I'm stretching her cheeks and love the look of this gorgeous, bronzed skin latin lover swallowing my cock head into her mouth.

She tries to put more in her mouth, but its girth gives her some problems, so she backs off, licking the head and underneath, causing me to moan. She puts it back in her mouth and tries to get more inside, succeeding at swallowing about 1/3 of Little Fire Hydrant. Then she backs off, obviously hitting some sort of gag reflex. It's still hot as hell, and this girl can give head.

She's switching between licking my shaft and underside of the head and popping it in her mouth, getting more of it little by little, finally ended with her lips at about the halfway mark on my average-length cock. Fuck I want to drop a load in her, on her, whatever.

Sadly, we're out of time. She HAS to leave, her ride is coming to pick her up and we're still a 5 minute walk from the pick up point. Still, she doesn't stop, until I remind her that we have to leave. I want to squirt my load all over her gorgeous face, but that's going to have to wait until next time -- if there is a next time.

I pull my hard cock back into my pants, find my shirt and dress. She finds the rest of her clothes and I watch her dressing, contemplating finding my condoms and fucking her, or pushing her to her knees and jerking off on her mouth. Wouldn't that be a nice surprise for the people she's seeing later?

But it wasn't to be. I walk towards the door out of my hotel room and she kisses me, deeply. Neither of us want any PDA while we're in her small and gossip-prone hometown, so I kiss back, knowing it could be our last. I have business to tend to, and my lifestyle causes me to leave cities sometimes hours or only a few days after I arrive.

"Tomorrow?" Maybe.

We leave the hotel, both of us smiling aggressively. Everyone in the hotel must know -- this gal is loud. We wear the smiles proudly as we walk over to her pickup point. She turns, gives me a platonic latin kiss goodbye on the cheek, and I turn on my heel and head back.

Tomorrow. Maybe? I hope so. I want to be inside of her, badly.


Andy said...

Hm... I still think you should've fucked her there. Not like she would've minded.

And I bet this is the girl you fucked. Can't be another one.