Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unblemished Purity, Part IV

This is Part IV of a multi-part entry.  You should read Part I, Part II, and Part III first.

She's truly soaking, her pussy is wet and open and throbbing visually.  Her clit is quite large, large enough for me to know it's going to be too sensitive right now for much attention.

I slide my tongue past her soaking slit and do notice she's extremely tight.  Fucking might be a problem.  I'm not a big fan of shoving fingers into a woman's pussy as I feel penetration is best kept for the act of fucking.  Fingers are dry, fingernails are painful, and a guy who fingers a girl who doesn't need it to cum may end up drying her out or causing her pain.  So I skipped that.

My hands on her tight, tiny ass, I slide my tongue to each of her pussy lips as I pull them into my mouth.  My hair is dangling past my face, soaking up some of her juices as I suck on each lips, avoiding the clit and her slit entirely.  Her moans are amazing, and her hips fuck my face as I gently tease her.

I slide my tongue down lower, closer to her asshole as she yelps the loudest moan yet.  "Ohhh, please eat it.  My cunt, eat it please."  She's talking dirtier, which means she's really getting horny.

I put my palm on top of her mound, pushing down slightly to keep her hips from rocking.  A little resistance on the mound does wonders for a woman's orgasm.  After licking up her juices and tasting her lips and slit for almost 20 minutes, I leave her thighs and her calves and place my lips solidly around her engorged clit.  She pulls my hair and comes immediately, soaking my face and the sheets with rage and force.  "Oh fuck oh god oh fuck fuck ohhh." Her orgasm is gorgeous, and her face looks perplexed as she comes with her eyes open.

I slide up to hold her as she continues pulsing her hips and her body shudders less and less.  She has tears in her eyes.  I refrain from kissing her or approaching her as anything more than a bear to hug.  She grasps me tight and says almost silently a thank you.  After a few minutes, she's down from her high and the red color in her face leaves as her breath comes back to normal.

"Oh my god, I've never had one like that even alone." I'm sure.  You can't really tease yourself alone.  "Oh please will you fuck me now?"  Maybe.

Her hand is back on her pussy but this time she has one finger in.  "Will it fit?"  I don't know.

I look at her face and it's just beautiful, this young woman who came on my face and shuddered the moans of perfect pleasure.  I'm not into spilling my load on a woman, but I save plastering a face for the prettiest of the girls I am with.  This woman deserves to be covered in my come from her nose to her mouth to her neck.  Very few women are deserving of it, and I don't throw it around.  I tell her this.

"I never had it that way, but I'd love it."  She's in agreement that she needs my seed all over her.

I turn over to my bedstand and get a condom.  She tries again to put my cockhead in her mouth but fails again.  "I'm sorry.  It's big around, it will take time." I brush her hair out of her eyes and smile as I put a condom on.  Her eyes get huge as she looks at my cock, and I push her back on the bed.

Her legs are split, she now has two fingers in her still-wet pussy and one hand on her nipples.  I put my cock at her slit and rub up and down slowly.

"Please be gentle."  Of course.  I ask if she's sure she wants it and she says, loudly, "hell yes.  Give it to me."  What do you want?  "Your penis in my pussy."  Don't call it a penis.  Tell me what you want in your pussy?  "Your... thing.  Your cock.  I want your cock in my pussy, please." Do you want me to fuck you?  "Yes, fuck my pussy, please."

I push forward a little and meet nothing but resistance.  "Ohhh, push it in harder, please."  I try again, eliciting another loud groan of pain and pleasure, but it still doesn't go in.

"Oh just tear into me, please fuck me."  I try again but it slides down her pussy and lands at her asshole.   "Ohh please try, please fuck me ChicagoSane, I need you."  I tap my cock on her clit to get more of her lube out, and try again.  Still no good.

She grabs my cock and tries it herself but it won't go in.  There's no use trying, it's not happening.

She has tears in her eyes now, but not from pain.  "Please try harder, I don't care how much it hurts, I want you inside me." One last time, but it's no go.

"Can you try with the condom off?" No.  I was testing in February, and I'm sure you're safe, but I don't take risks.  Let's just kiss.

We make out for another half hour, her coming down from her sadness with her hand gently stroking my cock that is still wearing a condom.  "I want this in me."  I know you do, I want to be in you.

We try off and on for another 2 hours.  I ate her pussy to a total of 3 orgasms before the sun pops up.  We tried her on top, doggie style spooning, you name it.  It wouldn't go in.  Finally I find myself exhausted, unable to even keep my erection up.  She's crying now, in my arms as I try to console her.  "I want you to take me, why won't it work?"  Not everyone is made to be with every single person.  I want you, too, but it isn't going to work.

Her tears finally stop and she kisses me deeply.  "I'm so sorry.  You are an amazing lover, I hope you're not mad."  I actually laugh, telling her I'm the one who should be thankful that I was able to please such a beautiful woman and have the chance to try to be her first.  I asked her how she could make it through college to her age without finding one guy to sleep with.

"I haven't gone to college yet.  This is my freshman year."  Now my erection goes from semi-flacid to limp in 3 seconds.  How old are you?

"I'm nineteen, didn't I tell you?"  Now it's my turn to say ummmm.  No, you didn't.  I'm almost twice your age.  A few years ago I was twice your age!

"Liz told you I was younger than her earlier."  I thought you were 24 or 25!

She giggles.  "Why do you think the security guard looked at my ID for so long?  It's a fake!"  Oh, shit.  This isn't cool at all.  This isn't a young woman, this is practically a young girl!  I feel bile in the back of my throat.  I'm a dirty old man.

She grabs my cheek and said it's the first time she found me cute and not sexy, worrying about the age difference.  I laugh with her and realize it isn't that big of a deal, although looking back now it's a HUGE deal for me.  I get yelled at enough by friends for dating 27 year olds or the occasional 23 year old, but 19 is still a teenager.  Ugh.

We fall asleep, wrapped in each other's arms.  I wake up at 10am, make coffee, and start writing this.  At noon she's up, naked in an alarming way, and I give her a shirt and a fresh pair of boxers.  She showers up, gives me a kiss, and asks, "Do you want to try it again?"  No, it's ok.  "I don't think you came at all!"  I didn't, but that's unimportant.  I'm glad I was able to be almost what you wanted me to be.

I call her a cab which comes in about 10 minutes.  She kisses me deeply and tells me she's sad it couldn't happen, but that she'll be back in a few months and maybe she'll be ready then.  I tell her she'll have to get a fairly big dildo to loosen her up, and she smiles and says the thought crossed her mind.  Like an asshole, I ask her to also pick up 5 more years on her age at the same store, and she pouts and calls me out on it.

I apologize, explaining that the age thing is really difficult for me to accept.  She nods, kisses me again, grabs my cock through my pajama pants, and heads out the door.

I sent Liz a text says "She's nine-fucking-teen.  Why didn't you warn me?"  All she sent back was a smiley.

So here I am, 4 in the afternoon, bored with my porn, wishing I had listened to my internal warning signals.  It's not a big deal, it was really fun and sexy and a helluva fantasy for me to use for the next few weeks or months.  But if she calls me again, I'll have to decline her.  Mid-20s I can accept, but younger than that makes me feel aged and a little sick.

And to think, I had just given some advice to a 50-something female about going after younger guys.  I think after a certain age, it's OK.  But when someone can still call themselves a teenager, they should be keeping it sexual with others of their age group.  At least it'll give them some lessons on bad lovers, so a guy like me can sweep them off of their feet when they do hit their mid-to-late 20s or their 30s.

Ugh.  Anyone have any good porn links?  Preferably NOT one with teen in the URL?


~liz~ said...

THIS IS TERRIBLE! why didn't you jerk off on her or let her jerk you off? she called me from the cab and couldn't stop talking about it and now i feel bad for you!

ChicagoSane said...

Eh, it's cool. I considered taking care of myself, but then the age thing hit. I can't explain it, but it sort of freaks me out. Had I known going into it that she was so much younger, I probably would have done things differently.

So who are you going to introduce me to next week, your 11 year old niece? ;) Thanks for the hookup, she's adorable and sexy as hell and I'm sure she's going to make some douchebag happy.

Even with my qualms, I wish I was that douchebag!

This Girl Phoenix said...

Sounds pretty hot to me. I don't think you need to worry about the age difference, if she was into you and she's an adult, go for it. Too bad you didn't get anywhere, maybe there will be a next time.