Sunday, April 26, 2009

Unblemished Purity, Part III

This is Part III of a longer post.  You may want to read Part I and Part II first.

I kiss Kerry for what seems like hours, but my glance at the clock tells me it wasn't that long.  It's only 4:30am, so we've probably been on my couch for half an hour.  The food in the microwave is long cold by now, with no more scent of "fine" Mexican cuisine wafting in the air.  I can smell Kerry's perfume, but I can also smell a hint of sweat.

I pull away and look at her and realize she's more than pretty, she's beautiful, but something is nagging in the back of my head about it.  She smiles as she opens her eyes to see me watching, and pulls my neck into her, our lips touching again.  Her kissing in a short period of time has gotten better.  Everyone can be a good kisser with time and patience.

Her hands left my shoulders and upper arms and began unbuttoning my dress shirt.  I don't stop her, and she gets it deftly off my body without breaking our embrace.  "Oh, chest hair," she says as she runs her palm over my body.  I try to stifle it, but I shudder slightly from her slightly cold touch.  She notices.

I go back to kiss her again when she uses her palm to stop me.  "What about me?"  I don't control the clothes, I tell her.  It wasn't a cue, but she slowly hikes her dress up, showing me her purple and white cotton panties.  I pull back off of her to watch, and her dress miraculously vanishes over the edge of the couch.

Her bra is also purple, just lacey enough to know she's proud of her feminine figure, but not too racy to say that she knew this was going to happen.  It's obvious she's turned on by the darkened wet spot showing through the whites of her panties.  I only looked once, but her body is fantastic.  Her legs are shaven, her hips are boney but not too thin, and her chest is a perfect size for me (maybe a little on the small side, but I prefer them smaller over saggy).

She reaches her arm back to try to remove her bra but I push it away.  While I have her arm grasped in mine, I roll her over onto her belly.  It wasn't very successful as her face plows into the back of the couch.  We both laugh, and I help her get onto her belly.

If I could never touch a woman's nipples or clit or feet, I would.  The back and the hips and the shoulders and the neck are far, far more sensual.  I look at my hands and see the remainder of a night of drinking, but she's no cleaner.  I lay back down with our legs alternating, and put my hands near her back.  Another moan.

First I move my palm just close enough to feel her invisible body hair on the small of her back.  Moan, again.  I warm my hand up as I slide is softly up her side and her spine, my thumb lingering behind my palm to trace goosebumps up her back.  A louder moan.  Her hips slowly grind into the plush couch below her, not giving her any friction in return.

As my first hand is reaching her upper back, I pull my second hand up in a similar motion, albeit faster, so my hands reach her neck at the same time.  I don't choke her, but I place my fingers gently on her shoulder blade, touching her neck, as I touch my lips to the top of her spine.  More moans, more hip grinding.

I strum a melody on her back for over a half hour, getting her to the point of begging me.  "Please take my underwear off.   Please."  She doesn't just mean her bra as her scent of her pussy is obvious and wonderful.  She turns herself over and we embrace again, this time with her hand also removing my belt and then my pants, clumsily.

My cock is hard as can be, and my precum is soaking my boxers.  "I'm not the only one soaked" she says with a grin.  Her hand works its way into my boxers through the front hole as I bite my lip and only let out a minor groan.  "Mmm, now that's a man," she says.  I pull her hand out and place it on my hip.

I kiss her for a few more minutes and break the embrace to her surprise.  I stand up with my cock forcing itself out of my boxers.  I push it back in, grab her hands and lift her from the couch.  I walk her to the bedroom and douse the lights in the living room, leaving us with only the outdoor street light casting a shine through the blinds.

On her way to the bed, she removes her bra and her panties.  I'm glad she doesn't shave completely clean.  Her musky scent is completely addictive.  The knowledge that I will be the first to push into her is turning me on even though the idea isn't ever this interesting to me.

I step to the bed and she loops her finger into my boxers and moves them down to my knees.  I step out of them and climb into the bed, pulling the neatly-folded covers over both of us.  Her hand is on my cock again in 5 seconds.  I pull her hands away and push her head to a pillow near the side of the bed.  I slide myself out of the bed and stand with my cock near her face.  I asked her if she's sucked cock before, to which she only nods while staring more at it than at me.  I push it towards her mouth, and she grabs it and opens her mouth.

Problem: it doesn't fit.  She has the tiniest mouth I've ever encountered.  She gets her lips over my thick head (the thickest part, by far) but her teeth scrape against it.  Ouch.  I pull out and let her use her tongue on it.  She's not good at head.  No surprise there.  I let her try again, but it doesn't really work that well.  Her other hand is rubbing her pussy, not on the clit but up and down her lips.  I taste her hand and it's wonderful, better than I had envisioned from the smell in the room.

"I'm worried.  I don't think it's going to fit."  I didn't think about that.  Her hand can't even wrap around my base, her mouth won't fit over the head.  This is interesting.  I kiss her, moving my hands down her arms bringing goosebumps back.  I slide my hands past her tits, never touching her nipples but circling the sides, which elicit many moans each time I tease her.  I kiss her chin and her jaw, her neck and her shoulders.  Her one hand is still masturbating her pussy so I kiss my way down that arm and look at her pussy up close.  Red hair, as far as I can tell.  Freckly.  So cute.

I barely touch my tongue to her wide open slit, not enough to cause her pleasure but just enough to get a taste.  She is wet, wetter than I've encountered in years.  My sheets are already soaked.  I slide my tongue back in my mouth, choosing not to play in this area right now.  She grabs my hair and pulls me closer to her clit but I back off.

Her moans are getting louder, her pleading starts to form words.  "Please, eat me."  Eat what?  "Eat my, please."  Where?  "My, my..." Yes?   "Eat my vagina."  Poor girl, no dirty talk.  Tell me to eat your pussy.  "Please, eat me, eat my... my, pussy."  Tell me to lick your cunt.  "Ohhhh" she moans.  "Please."  Tell me.  "Lick my cunt, please, eat my pussy."  When she is halfway through that phrase, I touch my tongue so softly on her clit that she mumbles the rest.

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