Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why is everyone so lonely?

I checked out Chinaski's pub (great name!) the other night, and had a decent time. It wasn't too crowded (shocker, bars are dead), but I made a few chatty friends. Guys, gals, one person who was a bit ambivalent in sex. All of them seemed lonely. Two of the guys said they were out looking for women. One woman said she was hoping to meet up with someone later, but he'd probably blow her off. The one girl who was very cute (Cuban, meow!) said she was recently dumped, and her ex went with a girl much less attractive than her. She said she was feeling in the dumps, and alone. And she was gorgeous, but down.

I used to think that recessions were horrible for one reason: couples who should break up can't because they can't afford to live by themselves. Maybe we need a site called "" or something. Looking to breakup? Find a person of the same sex as you who is also going through a breakup so you can move in together. Not a bad idea.

But, still, I see so much loneliness. I get it, on rare occasions, but it's usually solved by a nice dinner with a friend, or getting together for wine and movies with a cuddle buddy. I never use sex to try to fill any void from being lonely. Fucking is, pure and simple, about shutting the outside world out completely and sharing an intimate moment with someone who needs to do the same. But it's never about trying to fix a lonely night.

If you're lonely, do you seek companionship with a mate, or with friends, or with family? Sometimes, a good book in the bathtub is enough. The biggest damn problem with the Internet, the blogosphere, and the social networks is that we end up MORE disconnected with people.

Oh, and I didn't get the Cuban girl's number. Damn it. Soooo cute. But I don't take advantage of lonely women, as they're preoccupied in bed.