Thursday, November 6, 2008

manipulations, et. al

So Craiglist strikes again. In a drunken stupor, twenty minutes after dropping Kari off at home. We went to a bar, some rank dive.

Kari's got her monthly visitor this week. She teased me all night, promising a blowjob. By night's end, she'd forgotten. I was relieved, as her teeth kill me.

So when I spotted a '"friend's only" section post at CL that intrigued me, I responded. The post was 4 days old, looking for a guy or gal to just get beers with. Perfect.

I dropped an email, and received one back before midnight. Liz, 27, Uptown gal. She didn't ask for a pic or anything, not even a gay MySpace request. Just a request for my top ten bars. I responded.

5 minutes later, she responds: "Love them all. Best reply yet. Tomorrow at Five Star?"

Sure, I say. Kari's working late at the store she manages, til 10. Then needs to hit the sack to be up early. I tell her I'm making plans for tomorrow night. She's cool with it. I shoot off a response to Liz, 9pm confirm. Hear back her confirm. Then I crash.

Wednesday's a bore. Made enough cash wagering on Obama's win percentage that I'm free to ignore work till spring. Awesome for me.

8pm rolls around. I shower, toss on jeans and a T-shirt as it's not a date.

Grab a cab to Five Star. It's packed. Liz said she's be wearing a blue hoodie. Not there when I arrive. I magically snag two seats, order a Maker's and water, and watch the crowd.

This brunette wonder in a blue hoodie arrives 10 minutes later. She notices me and smiles. Cute. She's got a great body, dick sucking lips, and a cute haircut. Too bad she's just a beerpal.

She sits, and we talk immediately. I let her do most of it, since she's obviously more bored with life than I am.

Her: boyfriend of 15 months, live together 4 nights a week. Works for a local college. Most of her friends are marrying and running to the burbs. Happy overall but bored.

Our first round turns into 4. I'm definitely tipsy. I ask her if she's ready to leave, to which she says "as long as it's another bar!"


We cab it to my car, and drive to some bar in Ukie Village. Little dive bar. 2 more rounds, lots of fun convo. She's touching my arms and knees A LOT, but I ignore it. Before i 'd believe it, it's last call.

"Do you need a ride?" I ask. She does. Her place is nearby.

I head toward Augusta when she tells me to take an alley shortcut. I do, and 2 blocks later she points to a garage for me to pull up next to. This isn't her street, I tell her.

She looks at me, puts the car in park, climbs her abs over my armrest and puts her fingers on my fly.

"Don't you have a serious boyfriend?" She does, but I turned her on and it's just head.

It takes her 5 minutes to get my button fly free, enough time to get me very hard. She digs my pants down, and slides her finger into my boxers. "Whoa," she says as my cock pops out. It's shorter than average but thicker than most hands can handle.

A few amazing licks and kissed and then her nose is down to my thigh. The girl's got talent.

15 minutes of the sloppiest, best head I've gotten in 3 years, and I'm getting close. I tell her to sloow down and get me a napkin from my glovebox.

She pops her adorable face up and says, "that's nice of you to warn me. You taste great, squirt your load down my throat. Fuck my face if you want."

I oblige. She's using all her spit to keep things noisy, so I unleash right into her mouth. I pulled on her hair to back her off, and on the final spurt ripped her back so my cock blasts a little on her cheek. She smiles. Beautiful.

She licks up what she missed, off her first and then me. That causes me to get hard again, not 30 seconds after my first load.

"Holy shit!" She exclaims. The girls familiar with lame, poor 24 year olds. I just sit, smiling, as she goes to town once more. 10 minutes later, she's swallowing every drop.

I offer to go down on her, but she admits to ragging. She does tell me as I drive her the last 4 blocks that she'll be done in2 days, and to bring condoms.

There goes a beer buddy. Thanks, Craiglist.