Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring breakups continue

In the past week, another 3 "solid couples" ended their 2-3 year runs, at least according to Facebook.

As I've said for many years, that's no surprise -- what is a surprise is that it's happening at a record pace.

Part of it may be that the recession in the States was keeping people together for affordability reasons; now that the job market is turning around, freedom long desired is finally available.

Another part may be the unbelievably warm winter we had in Chicago -- I missed *every* snow storm due to business and pleasure travel.  When people bed down and move in with someone else because they don't want to socialize in the cold, a warm winter can create problems early on.

Lastly, the emasculization of males continues -- I can't believe what sissies the guys are that some of my gal pals started dating in recent years.  I made a private personal bet that none of those relationships would last, and that all of them would end with the woman leaving the man.  So far, I'm 6-for-7 on those self-bets.

And so it continues...spring in Chicago.