Friday, March 30, 2012

Inept dysfunction

I've always found it curious when a woman I'm attracted to but is in what appears to be an amazing relationship hits me up on Facebook to chat within 24 hours of a breakup. Never do I show any attraction to these women, I am just some random guy they met at a party of mutual friends. I wouldn't say I'm boundary-limited, of course, but these are always women who truly appear to be happy and comfortable with the guy they're with.

It's spring here in Chicago -- that means the alpha in a dominant person in a relationship has a good chance of pushing out the submissive party. I've considered this for years through just watching relationships crumble come April. Typically, submissive people will seek out new partners before the winter, but those relationships fall apart when the stronger party realizes they want to get out and taste new flavors.

In this case, Ellen's breakup was a surprise. I've spoken to her maybe 3 times in our lives; I believe we've met just once, and we only have 3 mutual friends. Her boyfriend wasn't that attractive overall, but he had a great job and they shared many hobbies and passions. The age difference between them was a touch above a decade, but the relationship appeared to work.

When she chatted me up on Facebook for the first time ever, I knew instantly what happened. I quickly checked her relationship status: it still showed that she was with him. I figured I was wrong.

"John and I broke up" she said, about 10 lines into the chat. "I'm sorry to hear that" was all I could manage, quickly wondering how I should engage her for a cocktail. There are lines even us assholes don't cross, and I'm never one to take advantage of a gal right after a crushing breakup.

The chat came and went a few times over 2 days, my only desire in it is to make her laugh (laughing online isn't that powerful, though). A few quick lines about life and I log off -- that's my usual modus operandi with these things.

Come Friday, I put out an invite for her to meet me and some friends for a cocktail. She doesn't accept nor decline, just leaves it hanging. Low interest, I would say.

The fact the her waist is probably a 24 and her tits and ass are in the 32 range means I'll definitely try a little harder, maybe after she's gone through the rebounds which are likely to be flocking to her soon when she announces the breakup public.