Saturday, August 1, 2009

1...2...3...4...5, Part II

Continued from Part I yesterday.

"1" stands for the first orgasm my latin lover had, face down, belly down, thighs spread, my face nestled gently between them.

After she had come down, I was nuzzled up against her, my arm hugging her from the side. Her goosebumps had disappeared, which means she was resting, but I would have none of that. I carefully caressed her back and arms again, more gentle than before, and within moments those gorgeous signs of desire returned. I jokingly hit her tickle spot, just to tease her a bit more. Her back jumped a bit, but when it returned so did my hand, caressing its way down to her ass and thighs. Her body is muscular but she still has a feminine form, and I really can't keep my hands off of her.

This time, my caresses brought forth the moans faster. Her face was turned sideways, facing me, but her eyes were closed. Her mouth was forming the moans beautifully, and I figured I may as well bring her off one more time. I realized that this lovely lady needed to be fucked, and I needed to fuck her, but I had no idea if she'd come from penetration, so I wanted to secure her second "O" now rather than later.

As my hands touched her thighs, one then the other, she parted them slightly. "I'm still wet" she told me. A quick check confirmed it. Later she would tell me that the words "I'm still wet" means "Do me now." I caressed her dripping pussy courtesy-reach-around style, spreading her full lips and pushing a finger only a little bit inside her. Again her ass and hips were grinding, up and down, so I manipulated her clit and pussy lips to the rhythm her body commanded me to.

Because of her full clit, part exposed and part open, her orgasms come quickly. She can come faster than almost any woman I have ever bedded, and they're sexy and loud and fill the air with a scent of heaven. What feels great for her is an ego stroke for me, but I have a feeling that her future lovers won't have an issue bringing her off unless they aren't gentle to begin with.

And it's not just about her orgasm, it's about teaching her my various tricks to find a woman's safety zone and then breach it. I've spoken with hundreds of women over my sexual years (maybe thousands?) who have boyfriends or husbands or fuckbuddies that just don't pay attention to how to bring them out of their shell and then ravage them before they can return. Women who learn from a solid lover can pass it on to future lovers, and that's my end result: bringing this lovely young lady's sexual peak to her life NOW rather than in her 30s.

As I slowly penetrated her with 2 fingers, not really entering deeply, just beyond her lips, she grinded harder, moaned louder, and put her hands out to her sides as she grasped the side pillows while biting and pressing against the pillow under her face. It didn't take long for her to come, and when she did her body tensed and released over and over. Her goosebumps came to full fruition, capturing her whole body in the only form of braille I know how to read.

And then she was done. That's number "2."

As she came down, I straddled her back, my hard cock growing even harder. I put my cock head onto her neck and slowly rubbed it down he back. Moans. I went from her neck to just above her ass, and then rubbed my cock all the way back up. Groans. It's electric, especially when my cock can bring goosebumps to her body.

I turned her over and asked her if she wanted to get fucked. "Yes, please, fuck me." I love her latin accent that carries through to her perfect English. Where should I fuck you? "Fuck me in my pussy, please, fuck me." I nodded. I straddled her tits and took my hard cock, grabbed her head and slipped into her mouth. Yesterday, she had some problems getting my full length into her mouth. After a great blowjob, she managed to get a little under half of it into her mouth.

Today, I'm going to challenge her. I watched her eyes and she watched mine, and I fucked her mouth slowly. I used my own pressure, my own rhythm as I pulled back to her lips and then penetrated her again. When more than half was in, I hit her throat, causing her to gag a little, but not lose how wet her mouth was. I continued to pull into and out of her mouth, getting a little bit more in each time.

I wanted to throat fuck her harshly, teach her a lesson in what she'll get if she teases me as she had. Instead, I wanted to make her comfortable with my cock in her mouth. This won't be the last time I see her, and I want to build her up to the point that I can slide my entire thick cock down her throat as fast and harshly as she deserves it.

She admitted to never swallowing a man's come or getting a full load on her face. Both of these issues will be resolved on this trip, and she will love and desire both from me in the future.

Finally, I realized I needed to be inside of her, inside of her pussy instead of her mouth. She's beautiful, but I want to break her cherry that had rebuilt itself after months of not having sex with anyone.

I stood up, reached down to the nighstand and unzipped my medicine bag. There are 4 condoms in there, so I pulled one out. I tore the package, squeezed the tip and unrolled it onto my thick cock. I prefer the "larger" sized condoms because they're not as tight and forgiving as the larger ones, but I was worried that GOD'S PENIS would show itself, which would hurt her pretty bad.

After the condom was unrolled, I used a muscular technique to lessen my erection without losing it completely. Historically, I can lessen my girth by about 30% and my length by about 10% if I do the right movements. If I am too aggressive about it, I can lose my erection entirely, so it's a risk.

I pulled her ass to the edge of the bed, stood on the floor, spread her legs and put my cock right at her pussy. "Fuck me, please please fuck me" she said in her Latin-distressed English. Gladly.

I pushed my cock in and her Latin eyes opened up majorly. Her back arched a bit and her hands fell against the bedsheets, gripped. Uh, oh, ouch? Are you ok? "Yes, fuck me." I pulled back a bit, and tried to penetrate her tight pussy again. Again, another arching and hands gripping the bed. Does it hurt? "No" she lied, "please."

I pulled back, used my muscles to try to lose a little more of my thickness, and then slipped it, obviously tearing a little but she took it in stride. As my cock finally penetrated her pussy's reborn virginity, she dumped a load of wetness all over my cock. As I pulled part of the head out, it was covered in her lube. "Ohhhh, yes," she moaned.

I ran my hands on her tight abs and then grabbed her hips as I pulled back into her, slowly. "Ohhh god, fuck me" she commanded.

I didn't pick up the pace, just pulling out a little and then sliding in a bit more. Within 10 minutes of at that soft rhythm, I was able to get about 1/2 of my cock inside of her, but no more. She's incredibly tight, but so wet that there was nothing holding back but my own desire not to bring too much pain to her.

She looked beautiful. She stared at my face, alternating between opening her eyes in lust and closing them in passion. After a good 15 minutes of stroking into her, I realized her thighs were getting tired from being spread. "Put my legs on your shoulders" she asked, almost immediately after I saw her legs get tired. I followed her advice, throwing each ankle onto my shoulder.

This also allowed me to pull in deeper, but still only at the half-way mark of Little Fire Hydrant. I could tell he was getting thicker, so I tried to relax him as I slipped in and out, always making sure to keep the head inside. When a woman hasn't been fucked in a long time, the act of first penetration can be painful, but reoccuring penetrations will still hurt. It's important to not fall out.

I found her rhythm that she liked, and I found a rhythm that gave me the best sensation while still allowing me to keep my cock from becoming too thick and long. Her limit was about 1/2 of my cock, and definitely not the full girth, but it felt amazing for both of us.

And then it happened as I kept the rhythm strong: she told me "I think I'm going to come." Ladies, there are two things us guys love about a gal: 1. when she tells us she's about to get there ("Don't stop, don't stop" works, too), and 2. when she actually tells us she IS there. Sandra doesn't say when she's coming, but she does have an awesome, LOUD orgasm. "ah, Ah, AH, AHHHHH" was all it took and I continued to keep my rhythm up, pushing a tiny bit deeper to see if I could get her to accept more of me.

I fucked her for another few minutes while she laddered up her orgasm, and then slid down slowly. Finally, I could tell she was done, and I didn't want her too sore from our first soft fucking, so I popped up and took off the condom.

I stroked my cock, hovering over her belly, and asked where she wanted my load. "Come on my tits, please." I love that she asks for it, so I spit on my hand and cock and continue to stroke the head, just inches above her belly button. As I looked at her gorgeous face, I knew I had to unleash on her tits and see her beautiful bronzed skin covered in my white come.

"Yes, come on my tits" she implored, and I exploded. My first shot landed on her left tit, then I moved my cock and hit her right tit with the second. I was trying not to be too explosive, but the third shot flew over her tits and chin and hit her square in the nostril and her nose, so I aimed the fourth shot at her right tit again and missed completely, landed a huge comeshot on her nose and her left eyelid. FUCK. I had 3 more shots left, and all fell on her tits and her belly.

Gorgeous. If I had a pic, I'd happily share it with all of you, because it was serene and sexy and I fully owned her body with my come.

I had brought a towel from the bathroom but it was out of reach, so I used my ring finger to pull the come off of her eyelid so she could open it. She smiled, almost laughed, and was enthralled by my come on her nose, which she grabbed with her finger and tasted. "You taste amazing" she told me, but it was probably a lie since my diet was out of whack in this Latin America country. I'll accept it, though, but I know it can taste better.

I finally grabbed the towel, covered her tits and belly, and crawled up next to her, to nuzzle, to nap, to contemplate when and if this will happen again.

To be finished in Part III.


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous, been having the throb the whole day....

Sandra said...

I DO believe you still owe us some parts of the story, Sane. ;)

Aritza, Goddess of .. said...

Uhmm .. color me confused, lol.
In part one, you said your medicine bag had 6 condoms in it.
In part two, you mentionned only 4 condoms..

You owe us at least 2 stories :) LOL

JennyMac said... first visit here and you definitely are a show stopper. :) In a good way.